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From the start of the project through implementation to operation and beyond

Whether mobile cranes that provide detailed data on all operations, lighting systems that use sensors to collect information and optimise their own energy consumption, or networked machinery that triggers its own maintenance before downtime occurs - the Internet of Things is the driver for digital services.

Maximum customer satisfaction thanks to smart connected products

In a world in which networking and intelligence offer decisive competitive advantages, smart connected products represent a significant development. These intelligent products, equipped with smart electronics and connectivity, open up unprecedented added value for both end users and you as a manufacturer - far beyond traditional functions:

  • User experience: Increase the satisfaction of your customers with a seamless user experience.
  • Increased transparency: Gain deep insights into usage patterns and product performance.
  • Automation: Save valuable time and minimise effort through automation.
  • Error minimisation: Reduce systematic sources of error through automated processes.
  • Future-orientated maintenance: Use condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for proactive maintenance.
  • New sources of revenue: Generate revenue through innovative, data-based services.

Added value that connects: Smart connected products are more than just products - they are the promise of a smart and connected future. Let's go down this path together.

Your advantage - our expertise

The development of smart connected products

Our experience and expertise enable us to master the complex challenges in the development of smart connected products and comprehensive IoT solutions. We are convinced that true innovation must go beyond brainstorming. This is precisely why our specialists support you not only throughout the entire development process, but also in the smooth operation of your solutions. Our recipe for success is an interdisciplinary team that takes an integrative approach.

Technologies and frameworks

The foundation for an optimal IoT infrastructure

The selection of your technology and the architecture structure should always be customised to your specific requirements. During implementation, we rely on powerful IoT platforms and modern cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, which are among our tried-and-tested tools.

Depending on the project requirements, different IoT platforms and technological approaches may be suitable for your project. These differ both in the range of functions - from ready-made dashboards to individual cloud services for building customised components - and in the way they are provided, whether as software components, PaaS or SaaS. This variety enables flexible customisation to the respective project situation.

We advise you on the selection of the right technology - from open source to SaaS solutions - and are at your disposal during implementation.

No matter where you stand

We support you in the development of your products

Our embedded teams put your ideas into practice across all phases of the product development project. From the analysis and prototyping to the development of the solution, we support you on your path towards a high-quality, market-ready product.

Examples of where we support you:

  • In turnkey projects (advice and implementation support during the analysis phase, when selecting the hardware, architecture design and OS, as well as assistance in issues related to connectivity and sensors)
  • Help in creating proofs of concept and carrying out prototyping
  • Support in the development across all levels: from low-level drivers and algorithms up to the OS/application level.
  • Support during the process of reviewing the code base, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Support when making upgrades to existing products, which includes implementing new functions, technology upgrades as well as licence-related or security-relevant upgrades.

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Thinking outside the box is often required from the very start when it comes to developing new, pioneering smart connected products.

Our team of consultants is there to assist you based on where you are along your journey. They work with you to assess your goals and above all determine how you can achieve them. Support includes everything from the deployment of change and innovation management measures to a technology and architecture review all the way to setting up your own IoT factory.

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Digitalisation fosters product innovations. That is why we are there to support you during your IoT and Industry 4.0 projects with holistic approaches.

Our main focus is on cloud and data platforms as a central element of your digitalisation strategy, because they allow you to develop completely new solutions and data-driven products.

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By analysing machine and system data, you know how your products are positioned vis-à-vis other products on the market and will be able to make future predictions in that regard. Data analytics methods can help you improve the quality of your service and implement predictive maintenance. Along with that, they allow you to optimise your machines and eliminate disruptive factors at an early stage, even before they cause problems.

Our data analytics experts are available to assist you here.

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Free white paper on the Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT platforms as a central database for digital production

Do you want to optimise production based on data, but don't want to have to collect data from different software systems and databases? You don't want to have to ask a specialist for every data query? This should be a matter of course in companies. But it usually isn't.

  • What companies use IIoT platforms for,
  • Which IIoT platforms are available,
  • How to find the right IIoT platform and
  • What role IIoT platforms will play in production in the future.

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