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The connection of IT and sports is our passion

Reach your goals and your fans

Seen from the outside, the colourful world of sport is always characterised by an intoxicating radiance. We at adesso are also infected and enthusiastic about a wide variety of sports. Despite this emotional façade of sports organisations, the departments working in the background are just as rational and perfectly coordinated as those found in other industries.

In professional sport, fun and passion collide with tough economic interests. Customers are called fans and claim entire fan arenas and worlds. We at adesso are very pleased that we can now bring all our know-how in these areas to bear in the exciting sports industry.
Volker Gruhn, Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of adesso SE

Our Business Cases

  • Performance

    We provide the right digital solutions behind the scenes

    Digital solutions from adesso support the team behind the athletes to create the best possible conditions. We implement your individual solution into your existing ecosystems. Learn more

  • Business

    We accompany you through the digital transformation

    Whether media, events, sales, marketing or service - the business of sport is not only getting bigger, but also more digital. We accompany your organisation holistically in its digital transformation. Learn more

  • IT

    We develop your individual solution

    Grown structures with great complexity and, in addition, a very fast-paced daily business. With a wealth of experience spanning 25 years, we offer you a broad portfolio for IT management support as well as for the development of your individual solution. Learn more

Our partners who we support in optimising your core business processes

Our references in the sports sector give you an insight into our daily work as well as various projects. Our clients include Borussia Dortmund, DFB GmbH & Co. KG.

adesso is one of the few IT service providers with comprehensive expertise in the field of digital product development in the sports environment. In contrast to many competitors, adesso covers the entire value chain and supports clubs, associations, marketers, sports media, equipment suppliers as well as providers of platforms and infrastructure from strategy development to implementation and operation of the digital product. For this purpose, adesso has developed a three-phase process model that ensures that customers are optimally supported in every project phase.

Learn more

Our focus topics

Systems are fundamental for the success of your business. This means IT projects are often embedded in strategic projects of departments such as sales and marketing, finance, organisation or service. Our experts have a background in sports and understand how the business works. We help you develop business cases and foster cooperation between the department and IT.

A successful project begins with clear requirements from the departments and transparent processes within the organisation. In line with the “form follows function” principle, a system only ever works as well as the environment in which it is used. We lead the dialogue in your business and help you hand over the right tasks and priorities to IT.

Elite-level sport and its related business areas have one thing in common: vast quantities of data are generated almost everywhere. A growing number of businesses want to do more than just collect this data and prepare it for reporting – they are looking to gain additional value from it through advanced analytics. The goal of our data analysts is to leverage your data to give you a competitive advantage.

Our IT consultants combine project management (PMI or PITPM standard) with strategic thinking, ideas for selecting the right technology and tools as well as digital trends. Because many IT teams in sport environments have their hands full with day-to-day business, we take responsibility for implementing projects at an operational level. We look at all the processes in your business and carry out analyses (OCEB2 with BPMN and UML) and process (re)designs. We support you with requirements engineering (IREB) for current and future IT systems, analyse projects and determine the right technology, technology stacks and development environments. For quality assurance purposes, we conduct extensive tests in accordance with the ISTQB standard.

We offer your management team strategic advice on how an IT infrastructure can look in a sports business so that you can balance the needs of day-to-day business and continuous development.

When it comes to designing digital ecosystems and using software, every customer has their own philosophy that fits their identity, history and environment. As a vendor-neutral service provider, we are very good at adapting to different needs and wishes. We are a gold partner of major software companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce, which means we can provide expert support with selecting, implementing and operating platforms from third-party providers. At the same time, our roots are in customised software development. This enables us to develop tailored software solutions that spell success for your business – a vital factor for areas of sport that are particularly sensitive or in which standard software does not sufficiently meet users’ needs. Customised software can offer a genuine competitive advantage here.

We develop software in accordance with the highest standards in modern software engineering. We offer a fast time-to-market as well as a maintainable and evolvable product with a long life cycle and no vendor lock-in or high license costs. adesso uses a variety of technologies, including Java/JavaScript, .NET/C# and PHP as the basis for customisation.

The end of the project means the start of operation. With every new product, capacities within IT would have to increase to be able to adequately manage the digital ecosystem in an entire club, association or business. Rapid feedback and problem-solving are essential, especially for business-critical applications. Professional, technical and legal requirements also need to be updated.

In any of the cases described, wouldn’t it be great to have a central contact who is familiar with the application and has subject-specific and technical knowledge as well as the platform and process expertise you need?

This is where our services come in. We look after your systems so that you and your team can focus on other tasks. We have over 100 application management specialists with the flexibility and experience to take care of small specialist applications for you as well as to further develop business-critical and international applications.

Sound familiar?

  • Can’t someone just make time to do this? Too few resources in the digital and IT areas to adequately serve the large number of internal stakeholders.
  • Someone built it like that years ago! A complex, poorly documented system landscape that has grown rapidly across many departments operating in silos, and that cannot be managed as a whole or takes significant effort to administer.
  • But my figures tell a different story! Missing dashboards and poor data quality prevent data orientation.
  • Where does the data go now? Digital product development is hampered by very high information security requirements that protect player data and provide resilience against cyber attacks.
  • Why is it so expensive? As digital projects are viewed merely from a cost perspective, a business case cannot be developed and prioritisation between projects is not possible.
  • No idea who does that – it’s not me anyway. A lack of transparency across processes in the organisation and no cross-organisational standards in project management.
  • That’s my customer data! The silo structure of systems and decentralised data governance does not give a full picture of customers and makes the company appear disorganised from the outside.

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