• adessoDraws revolutionises electronic lottery draws

    Innovative, blockchain-based software solution for digital lotteries

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  • Lottery Tablet

    An AI-based ticket recognition revolutionizes the lottery industry

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  • LotteryForce

    A brand new iGaming platform with decades of experience

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  • Tender support

    We support tenders for large and complex lottery solutions

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    Understand customers at a glance

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    North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries

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Lottery Consulting

Do you find the lottery exciting? So do we!

Lottery providers and gaming operators worldwide trust adesso - and have done so for more than 20 years. Many state-licensed lottery companies rely on our proven and innovative software. Professional consulting services round off the adesso service. We support lottery companies in consistently aligning their strategy, organisation, processes and infrastructure with customer needs and the challenges of digitalisation in the gaming market.

Changed gaming behaviour, different target groups, new technologies: The lottery industry has changed significantly in recent years. adesso offers lotteries and gaming operators solutions to successfully cope with this change. Our interdisciplinary consulting accompanies the development of our business partners along the entire value chain - always with a special focus on the customer experience.

Over 50 Lottery experts

About 40 international clients

More than 100 completed projects

Our main topics at a glance

Notebook with code

Test and quality management

Be sure not to disappoint the customers' trust

Imagine that a new version of your central lottery system is being delivered or a new generation of lottery terminals is being rolled out. Taking it live will not be possible unless there is effective test management and structured quality assurance. We take on these aspects of the process, which allows you to rest assured that there won’t be any surprises. Our experts use International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) frameworks to define the software quality measures for every lottery project.

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Mathematical reports

Mathematics to support gaming operations and marketing

Statements on statistical winning probabilities and odds of new or existing lottery products must be 100% correct, because lotteries live from their reliability. Winning promises that you make to your customers must be kept. On the other hand, in marketing you may only make statements that stand up to solid mathematical verification. But that is not so easy. In addition to well-founded statistics, a lot of technical understanding and precise knowledge of the products are required.

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Successful projects and satisfied customers

The best way for you to get to know adesso is to take a look at our day-to-day work – to look at the companies that trust us, the projects we implement and the goals our clients achieve. We do not focus on technologies or methodologies – we focus on the people we work with and what they want to achieve.

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Mobile Apps

We catapult your app to the next level. How can you stand out with a successful digitalisation strategy? Do existing processes still work in a digital world?

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Being well-connected is important

We partner with state-run lottery companies, so it goes without saying that we are a member of European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association. This means that you will be able to meet our experts at the relevant industry events. At the larger congresses, you will even be able to speak to them over a fresh draft of German beer at the adesso stand! We think it is important to maintain good relationships with industry partners, which is why we invest in them throughout the year and not just at official events. After all, we want to stay up to date with how things are going for them.


Do you have any questions?

No website and no brochure can replace a personal conversation about your goals and your issues. We look forward to an appointment with you on site.


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