The path towards digital administration

We provide you with guidance, advice and hands-on assistance as you progress towards digital administration – from exploring initial ideas, right through to implementing new processes and technologies. Our experienced consultants and developers have worked on a variety of change projects. They have developed concepts and tools that enable us to work together with you to establish areas of activity, rapidly obtain usable results and implement the digital administration concept. The following principles apply here: The consultation must generate feasible outcomes, development must deliver streamlined, flexible and future-oriented solutions and the transformation must be viewed from a ‘before and after’ perspective. We are using our concepts such as the New School of IT to look ahead and provide you with pointers for making forward-looking decisions in the process of digitising administration.

Of concepts and solutions

In the course of the years a broad range of different IT structures has been created when implementing corresponding specialised procedures which maintenance becomes more cost-intensive and complex. Within the IT consolidation needs and opportunities arise to standardise the number of systems and proceeds.

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Of process models, tools and people

The development of E-Government, measures of digitalisation, demographic personnel policy and budgetary pressure for cost savings are the greatest challenges the public sector faces the next five years. Process models and tools may not put IT or expert knowledge at the heart of consulting firms but "the human success factor" and they have to offer manageable, controllable answers.

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Of challenges and solutions

As part of digitalisation, the public sector may and has to redefine itself. Technological developments make room for greater opportunities to cooperate both on an inter institutional level and between federation, federal states and municipalities.

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Our references from the public authorities sector give you an insight into our work and the various projects we implement to help our customers streamline their business processes and make them more efficient using modern technologies.

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