Digital transformation is changing almost everything.
But the importance of partnership remains unchanged.

Digital transformation is shaking up the insurance sector in a way we have not seen for many years. Services, processes and technology are all being put to the test. Without exception, every insurance company is being confronted by this issue. Many of these companies partner with us to tackle their own digital transformation. In fact, over 90 per cent of Germany’s top insurers choose to work with us and benefit from our expertise and experience.

In these partnership relationships, we have something in common with our clients – we are passionate about the insurance sector. Since 1998, we have been providing insurance companies with support, which has ranged from small development contracts and standard software solutions right through to developing customised software and undertaking projects that are of critical importance to the company. The right experts with the right qualifications guarantee that our clients will achieve the right results. After working in this area for nearly two decades, we know about the challenges facing the entire sector and we understand the unique situation of each individual insurance company. We configure our projects so that they are a perfect fit for each company’s specific situation. One way we do this is by offering solutions at a fixed price.

Customers, channels and digital competence

Win over your customers with seamless advisory and sales processes. Win over your sales team with modern tools and real-time information. Be won over by our experts, who have many years of experience in designing processes and functions for sales.

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From limitations in the past to system architecture in the future

If you want to adapt your products, tariffs and processes more quickly than you used to, the only solution is to have a flexible, integrated system. We plan, modernise and consolidate your application landscapes – and you benefit from new opportunities.

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Processes, portals and perspectives

Developing new business ideas and finding alternative revenue generators. But also opposing cost pressure, structuring processes, downsizing application processes. All these are topics where modern IT solution may support you. adesso's reinsurance experts help you to make the most of your IT budget.

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Know-how, software and updates

Despite all differences: Central processes are structured similarily at many insurance providers. For some of these processes we developed a standard solution in which all our know-how of insurances and IT flow. Focus on your core business, we take care of smooth processes - with solutions which are future-oriented, even tomorrow.

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