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adesso organisational consultancy

Because success is no coincidence

New perspectives create new horizons

Success is a question of the right concept

Our organisational consultancy effectively supports companies in making the right decisions to become even more successful. We create the right kind of awareness and give you the orientation you need for sustainable organisational management, which is necessary for the structured design and continuous development of your organisation.

adesso organisational consultancy

Defining and creating value are some of the key elements of organisational management. Making a qualified analysis of an organisation’s changes and development is indispensable to handling them successfully. When doing so, optimising value creation in a target-oriented manner based on the influences surrounding an organisation’s definition of value is critical to overall success, which is why it is the focus of adesso’s organisational consultancy.

Why adesso? End-to-end competence!

Successful people work in successful companies. adesso has been growing for many years and has proven its ability to continuously develop its own organisational management. We work with you based on your specific industry and speak with you on equal footing. And with over 6,000 experts on hand, we guarantee you recommendations for action that you can implement in your organisation as well as successful transformations.

We meet the increasing demands for digital expertise in the field of consulting and offer you end-to-end competence to create cross-disciplinary innovations. We listen to your questions regarding organisational management and help you make a decision – because success depends on the right decisions, not mere coincidence.

Get in touch with us without obligation, and together we will make our way to a successful future.

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No matter where you are and what challenge you want to address:

We support you!

Problem assessment

With targeted questions, we narrow down the issue, identify and confirm the actual problem and determine the root cause:

  • Results: a successful classification and a cornerstone for effective action.
  • Consequences: individual starting points for sharpening the company profile for even more success
Success seminar

The active seminar covers the most important elements in organisational management and their potentials:

  • Results – the right level of awareness and recommendations for action that can be implemented immediately
  • Outcomes – the optimisation of your value chains and definition of value and even more success
Management analysis

An intensive analysis of selected management elements according to their current state and via target setting:

  • Results – empirical findings and implementable recommendations for action
  • Outcomes – the necessary level of transparency for making effective adjustments, and even more success

A business analysis divided into ten sections and an intensive workshop on jointly selected management disciplines:

  • Results – awareness of your organisation’s internal issues, a usability concept and the development of an implementation strategy
  • Outcomes – target concepts, implementation planning and even more success
Mentoring programme

Guided support for making decisions regarding organisational management:

  • Results – directional advice from different perspectives
  • Outcomes – numerous insights for making good decisions and even more success

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Learn how we help organisations become even more successful:

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Meet the experts from our organisational consultancy team – because no website or brochure can ever trump a face-to-face discussion about the issues that are relevant to you. We look forward to meeting you in person.

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