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Catapult your business to the next level of digitalisation

All procedures have to work seamlessly and efficiently in the digitalised world of retail. Take advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalisation to create added value both within the company and for your customers.


Digital communication is replacing old, outdated communication channels. The digitalisation of business processes is also changing the way businesses communicate.

Whether you use complete electronic processing such as digital signatures or digital communication channels such as e-mails, online meetings or video conference systems, digital communication makes your employees more agile and interactive while also ensuring that your business stays connected.

We will assist you in the implementation of your digital communication processes. adesso is your reliable partner, helping you to successfully realise your digitalisation strategy – from strategic development all the way to the design and practical implementation.


Digitalisation makes it possible: When you create workplaces that employees can tap into at any time and from any place, you ensure secure access to all relevant information and processes and you are able to share your knowledge and the results of your work quickly and easily.

When you use the digital workplace strategically, you connect your employees more closely to the company, increase their workplace satisfaction and bundle all critical software systems on a single platform.

adesso develops digital workplace portals to meet your individual needs using client and application virtualisations as well as cloud-based office and communications solutions. That means you no longer have to worry about good ideas failing in the face of rigid processes.


Within the production process, IT is primarily deployed for the administration of product data and order processing.

Increased digitalisation will make the complex processes in modern production processes more transparent, more cooperative and faster than ever. Tap into the potential of digitalisation by using a custom digitalisation strategy to improve industrial productivity while maintaining or even increasing your business’ targets.

adesso helps you to implement your digitalisation strategy. We take the needs of each individual business into account, using an agile, long-term IT strategy to craft the ideal solution for you. Last but not least, a digitalisation strategy should be based on more than management decisions or variations in production processes; it should also be tailored to the speed at which your company is able to move toward digitalisation.


Pressure from international companies can also be felt by domestic businesses in the fields of plant and mechanical engineering.

In addition to fulfilling extraordinary quality standards, manufacturers are now frequently required to offer services as well just to defend their position on the market. However, the entry of modern information and communication technologies into the field of product and production technology enables you to respond effectively to the challenges posed by rapidly-shifting global markets by deploying innovative solutions.

But how digital is your company? Many companies are asking themselves this question even though they’ve made significant strides in the area of Industry 4.0.

adesso uses a tried-and-tested and scientifically based assessment for determining your level of maturity when it comes to digitalisation. The result is an assessment of the status quo that can be used to determine tailor-made activities for achieving and implementing your digital vision. It makes no difference whether your company is a ‘digital beginner’ or whether your company is already on its way to digitalisation.

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