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Utilising generative AI successfully

We are at the start of a trend that is bringing about major change. Back in the past, the Internet and mobile business fundamentally changed the economy and created a new group of winners. Now, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is causing similar upheavals. Companies are in the process of charting a course for the future in a world where the use of GenAI will be as commonplace as e-mails and apps are today.

Where does the potential of GenAI applications lie and which applications look most promising? Regarding the second question, this varies from sector to sector and from company to company. That being said, there are a few types of GenAI that are used almost universally.

Generative AI
use cases

Corporate GPT

From the final offer to the current travel policy, any information found at the company can be requested using simple chats. In other words, you do not search for documents; you communicate with them.

Software development

Shorter development times and higher quality: GenAI is there to assist your development teams.

Hyperpersonalisation in customer communication

Personalised communication is possible with thousands of customers at one time. It is targeted not at one specific group, rather it addresses one particular person.

Service task automation

Day or night, GenAI can offer your customers immediate support with whatever topic may interest them.

Support for marketing and sales

Whether you are talking about texts or images, GenAI can lend a hand to your marketing or sales team when they are creating communication material.

Your end-to-end partner for GenAI projects

Finding and implementing the right use cases with all the many options available is the main challenge. We are there to support you as your strategic partner – from analysis and development to operation of applications. Our team of experts show you the opportunities that GenAI can open up for you.

Strong partnerships to ensure your success

We work together with a large number of top-rate companies in order for us to be able to offer you a wide variety of options. These partnerships are the key to the success of a project, because they allow us to offer you customised solutions quickly and reliably at any time.

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Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human dialogue.
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