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Diversity, equity and inclusion at adesso

We have a duty

What kind of company do we want to work for? This simple question caused quite a stir at adesso. We took a look at how we’re doing in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion – things that should actually be self-evident. But we realised that at adesso – just like in our society as a whole – we’re still a long way from achieving these goals. We fall into learned patterns of behaviour too often – be it consciously or unconsciously. As a result, we make decisions or organise processes with the best of intentions. And yet, unintentionally, we contribute to propping up the status quo. In doing so, factors such as nationality or ethnicity, gender, age, sexual identity and orientation, religion, world view, disability, etc. must not play a role. The focus must be on the individual person and their individual traits.

We’re confronting these issues. This is simply an imperative of respectful, human interaction. This is an economically relevant issue as well. The broader adesso’s foundation is, the better the offers, projects and services that build on it will be. We can only create this basis if we integrate different talents, experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, cultures and identities. A more diverse workforce is a valuable asset for us.

This is a process, not a project. These pages do not contain the final result of our initiatives, but merely a preliminary result that drives us to continue working on our initiatives day by day.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at a glance

Employees in conversation

She for IT

Breaking away from IT stereotypes

adesso is looking to strengthen and promote women in the IT sector with the She for IT initiative. The women’s employee journey – our vision of a gender-fair adesso culture – is a key building block. Our goal is to significantly increase the number of female computer scientists, consultants, managers and junior IT specialists at adesso in the next few years and to make a long-term contribution to getting more girls and women interested in a future career in IT.

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>>Diversity is increasingly becoming a central topic in our society and thus also in the focus of adesso. Our principle is to see diversity as an opportunity and to accept and live equal opportunities and equal treatment as a matter of course. Diversity is not only part of our social responsibility, but also an economic necessity.

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Would you like to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion or do you have questions about specific aspects? Get in touch with us.

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Equal Opportunities Officer/Diversity Contact Person Stephanie Degen +49231 7000-7000


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