Success in healthcare - by combining expertise and technology

Stormy times in healthcare: steadily growing competition, ever more demanding users and ever new regulatory requirements.

Organisations in the healthcare sector have to re-establish themselves completely - at the interface to their customers but also with regard to their internal processes. Flexibility, cost reduction and a high "time-to-market-strategy" are required for new products and services.

To meet these challenges, technological expertise must be combined with know-how. For this we are the right partner at your side. We are industry-oriented IT professionals and think of technology through the glasses of professionalism.

Our foundation is professional IT services across the entire value chain - from strategy to conception to individual software development in all common programming languages ​​and technologies.

On this basis, our sector-oriented consulting offerings and solutions build up on current focus areas:

  • Customer retention and retention
  • Digitisation of business processes
  • Technical and technical merger / migration support
  • Internet of Things and Supply Control
  • Data Analytics
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements
  • eHealth and telematics

Please contact us - we are looking forward to discussing your current challenges and presenting our approaches and concepts.

Modernisation, requirements and solutions

Germany’s Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) and billing providers are currently faced with the challenge of updating their core systems and launching their customer portal, which is designed to appeal to their customers and be easy to use.

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Consultancy, customer satisfaction and process optimisation

Health insurance companies are being compelled to modernise the services they offer, including in areas such as customer acquisition, optimising internal processes and ensuring a high service quality. This is not least due to the demographic changes that are having a substantial impact on staffing levels. What will happen if, in ten years’ time, there are not enough qualified administrators to undertake the relevant tasks?

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Jobs with persepctive

Our technology competence is undoubted. Each of our IT solutions is outstanding. So is our working climate. We can only crack tough nuts by exchange of experience and mutual support. "Give and take" ensure a relaxed togetherness. Our shirt cleaning service is only icing on the cake. You will like it here.

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