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Success in healthcare - by combining expertise and technology

Navigating the countless challenges involved with the healthcare market requires a combination of technological competence and specialist knowledge. adesso is the right partner to have at your side to make this happen. We are a multi-faceted team of IT and software experts, industry experts, doctors, economists and e-health specialists and we provide you with the specialist’s perspective on technology.

>> We are driven by our customers’ desire to leverage intelligent digitalisation to make significant optimisations to their service portfolio for our health system. The aim is to improve the quality of patient care and to make consistent use of cost potentials. Our strengths are both providing consultancy and pragmatically developing and implementing solutions ranging from standardised ones to custom-fit ones. We make it easy.

Dr Jens Finnern and Dr Thorsten Vogel – Head of Line of Business Health

Dr Jens Finnern and Dr Thorsten Vogel

Low-code for hospitals - an overview

With low-code, software development has reached the next stage of evolution. Pre-built codes and algorithms have made programming so much easier that even relative IT laymen can develop custom-fit software. Over the past three years, low-code development platforms have gained tremendous maturity, so much so that their adoption has soared.

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An overview of our service areas

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Cost units

We help the statutory health insurance providers, working groups and service companies of the SHI to digitalise their processes. Benefit from our expertise in the core systems used by health insurance providers, telematics infrastructure and digitally supported process optimisation and fully exploit your competitive advantage.

Some of our specialities

Employees from 80 nations

More than 2300 successfully implemented assignments in the last 10 years in the health market

More than 300 Health experts

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No matter what phase you are in with your project, we will be happy to advise you and ensure that your project picks up speed.


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