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Competent consulting for your IoT project

We provide consultancy on all topics related to the Internet of Things

Our digital consultancy portfolio takes your individual current situation into account and we implement your successful IoT project together – from brainstorming to professional and technical concepts to MVP and reviewing the solution developed in-house.

Innovation management

Innovation management involves providing our customers with holistic support at design level. We not only provide support in identifying users, assessing potential, prioritising ideas and systematically filling your innovation pipeline, but our digital consultancy team also focuses on assessing the methodological competence of our clients, developing a suitable innovation process or business model development – and doing so systematically, focussing on the necessary changes while still adhering to the conditions you have specified.

Solution architecture

Our digital consultants select a use case-based technology as part of the solution architecture. We develop the technical concept and initial prototypes.

From sensors to holistic cloud technology, we integrate new solutions into your IT landscape and further develop your architecture.


In the concept phase of digital consultancy, we focus on the professional and technical aspects of designing a concrete solution (‘sprint 0’). We define the initial features and requirements, as well as jointly develop the digital implementation roadmap and potential initial application views. In large implementation projects in particular, a preliminary conception phase enables us to better assess the effort this will require – both on our part and on the part of our customers. In the concept phase, we agree on the same language, both in technical and methodological terms as well as in terms of the solution, its detailed implementation and further development.

Technology and architecture review

Does the original product idea still fit the way the project is developing? Do solutions that have already been planned or established still correspond to the current state of affairs – or are completely new ideas needed? For us, this is also part of digital consultancy: we constructively put our customers’ previous in-house developments to the test, not only in terms of technical detail, but also with regard to technological sustainability.

IoT factory

Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation – IoT projects can only be successful in the long term if they are thought through holistically within the company. We use the IoT factory approach to develop and establish suitable and necessary methods, structures and processes together with our customers that both promote innovation and enable the successful implementation of a solution throughout the company. The multidimensional view of the initial situation leads not only to technical measures, but also to other aspects that promote successful innovation and solution development – from change management and the targeted development of IoT expertise to adjustments to the organisational structure, various company departments and topics can be brought into focus. At the same time, we are developing simple ways to test the potential of IoT across disciplines in prototypes.

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