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We add value in the life sciences industry

Our experts have backgrounds in either the life science or technology and share a passion for the life sciences. For you, this means that we understand your processes and know the necessary regulatory requirements and therefore have the skills to optimise your day-to-day business and develop new products together with you. Considering your individual needs, we develop custom solutions and implement the best-suited technology.

Our solutions to your challenges in life sciences

Selected references

Our reference brochure gives you an impression of our daily work, gives you an insight into various projects and underlines our technology and consulting competence in the Life Sciences sector.

Current topics in the life sciences sector

EAM provides answers to the question of whether your current processes, applications, data and infrastructure are optimally supporting your business. As a tool, it enables you to create transparency in your current system landscape and better and more effectively understand the relationships between the individual components. This allows you to optimise and expand your IT architecture in a targeted manner and also respond flexibly to new requirements in the medium and long term.

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The advantages of cloud computing are plain to see: it is highly available, highly scalable, agile and automated. Leveraging these advantages to generate tangible and measurable benefits, be it by speeding up R&D by having a lab in the cloud or by reducing the time-to-market by developing medical products in the cloud, is beyond the capacity of many organisations. They do not have a strategy, a roadmap, the skills and, in some cases, simply the time.

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, we know the typical challenges and have the expertise needed to provide individual support along the way.

An overview of our services:
  • Data platform modernisation
  • Carrying out migrations to the cloud or between providers
  • Rapid platform implementation at the click of a mouse
  • Organisational consulting, governance and strategy
  • Identifying and implementing use cases
  • Data platform operation

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Data platforms form the core of a system landscape that seeks to make use of data. To this end, company data such as key figures, material volumes and machine data is managed in a central data storage system. New technologies underlying the data storage system and cloud solutions have greatly expanded the possibilities of how data can be used in recent years. This includes capacities for big data, real-time data processing and the processing of image and video material. An analytical data platform is like a stethoscope that allows a manager to measure the pulse of the company and identify opportunities and problems.

An overview of our services:
  • Data platform modernisation
  • Carrying out migrations to the cloud or between providers
  • Rapid platform implementation at the click of a mouse
  • Organisational consulting, governance and strategy
  • Identifying and implementing use cases
  • Data platform operation

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Support for SAP ERP will stop in 2027. If life science companies want to continue to be successful, they have to act and sooner or later they will not be able to avoid SAP S/4HANA. To ensure the success of your S/4HANA migration project, our experts analyse your existing SAP systems and plan the optimal approach to switching to S/4HANA together with you.

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How mature is your organisation in terms of CRM? Do you have a 360° view of your customers? Do you automatically receive recommendations for next best actions? Do you have a full overview of your team and its pipeline? Do you have access to real-time data on customers, customer satisfaction and your outside sales team? Are your processes in marketing, sales and service coordinated? Are your communications consistent across all channels?

Our technical experts are there to support you, from the analysis of your requirements and design of the CRM architecture to the implementation of your CRM solution.

An overview of our services:
  • Planning, designing and carrying out a CRM potential analysis
  • Analysing the relevant processes and creating a target design
  • Defining the requirements based on the target design
  • Comparing and selecting CRM software
  • Creating an implementation concept
  • Support with the design, piloting and integration
  • Support during implementation and rollout
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Software development and rollout in the GxP space is highly regulated to ensure the highest level of patient safety, product quality and data integrity in the supported business processes. CSV provides documented proof that the relevant computer-based system always performs its intended purpose and does so at the same consistent level of quality. Validation is also subject to standards for software development issued by GAMP 5 and set forth in other regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

An overview of our services:
  • Reviewing existing CSV framework
  • Creating CSV frameworks
  • Planning validation activities
  • Carrying out validation activities
  • Developing testing strategies
  • Data migration and verification strategies
  • Validating cloud-based systems
  • CSV in the medical technology sector

adesso SmartShore

Our smart way for IT offshoring

With our SmartShore approach, we have developed an offshore model that responds to typical challenges in the implementation of IT projects - such as cost savings in software development or the shortage of skilled workers.

Within our offshore projects, our colleagues are temporarily located at our customers' premises or in our global SmartShore centres.

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Our Success Stories

  • Laboratory

    amedes and adesso – a success story of digital laboratory transformation

    Whether you are talking about order entry, a laboratory information system, an ERP system or an IT infrastructure, a lab cannot run without IT nowadays. amedes has chosen adesso as its partner to modernise its IT landscape and digitalise its processes. Work is continuing on topics such as cloud adoption, order entry and LIS, and the company’s existing SAP systems are being modernised. The main priorities are automating processes, ensuring the availability of data and systems and creating a modern workplace for all amedes employees. Contact us

  • Medical technology

    medi and adesso – a success story in personal health and digitalisation

    Innovative analogue medical devices combined with state-of-the-art digital solutions are the medicine of the future. This synergy has led to the development of the ‘companion® patella powered by medi’ digital health application (DiGA), which is used for specific knee pains. In addition to developing the app as a medical device and establishing a QM system for the development of medical device software, adesso is also providing support in obtaining the certification according to ISO 27001, developing customer portals, introducing IT service management and the topic of organisational development. Contact us

  • Pharma

    Merz – a success story in business intelligence, data and much more

    For more than 15 years, Merz Pharma and adesso have been working together in the field of business intelligence in a partnership built on trust. After the data systems were migrated to HANA in collaboration with adesso, a variety of reports were converted to SAC. Access to reports from management, the outside sales team and distributors allows users to make faster, validated decisions. In addition, major gains in efficiency were achieved through the implementation of process mining in order to optimise audits and processes. The SAP FSCM assessment and subsequent implementation in the US was so successful that other units are also looking to adopt it. Contact us

Current contributions from the field of life sciences

Here you will find an overview of blog posts, technical articles and press releases on the topic of life sciences:

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