IoT cloud and service portal for industrial cleaning systems



We supported the engineering company Ecoclean in making its products industry 4.0-ready and developing digital services by developing an IoT cloud solution for data collection and analysis.

Highlights of the project

Data-based optimisation

The Ecoclean Connect portal collects all key data concerning the condition of the connected machines. This allows product-oriented KPIs such as overall equipment effectiveness to be monitored and optimised.

Predictive maintenance

Analysing data makes predictive maintenance possible, which in turn makes it possible to avoid unplanned and expensive machine downtimes.

Central customer access

The platform that was developed not only consolidates all digital services associated with a machine, but it also bundles communication – from maintenance management and service requests all the way to the analysis of data on individual cleaning operations.


  • To expand the aftersales business to include needs-based services
  • To develop additional services in the area of production planning and maintenance
  • To create process transparency and optimise operations through data collection and analysis


  • Data collection and pre-processing in the machine’s programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Establishment of a central portal as a point of access to all relevant services for clients
  • Evaluations, statistics and analyses of the collected data based on defined objectives


  • IoT platform as the framework
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • Angular as the frontend technology

Our services

  • Initial moderation of an innovation workshop and subsequent conceptual design
  • Agile cloud development
  • Operating and further developing the IoT cloud solution

Ecoclean GmbH develops and markets products, systems and service solutions for applications involving industrial cleaning technology and water-based surface treatment. Ecoclean has a wide range of customers, which can be found in both the automotive sector and in industry. This includes everything from businesses that manufacture parts and components for medical systems to companies in the optics and aviation industries.

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