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The digitisation of business models

Powerful trade fair solutions for the successful development of digital business models

Digital services, portal solutions and mobile apps

The digitisation of business models is a fundamental challenge for trade fair companies. They need to expand on their core business of selling spaces in order to become one-stop service providers. To do this, they need to focus more on digital services. The seamless integration of digital services, which is entirely in keeping with providing the best possible customer experience, continues to present an additional obstacle.

Digital transformation, along with the associated change in visitor behaviour, has made it necessary for trade fair companies to make use of various digital services in order to grow. This growth relates to more than just the range of services they offer. The buzzword for future-oriented trade fair companies is ‘participation’ – participation that extends beyond each analogue visit to the trade fair.

With digital services, future-oriented trade fair companies will have the opportunity not only to expand their range of services, but also to offer every client tailored services and new forms of participation. Accordingly, digitisation strengthens the relationship between the trade fair companies and their diverse target groups.

Building on the foundation of many years of experience, we provide trade fair companies with advice about defining and achieving their vision for digitisation.

Tailor-made solutions for your competitive advantage

Collective design of the future of exhibition business

We advise our trade fair clients regarding the evolution of their business models – from selling exhibition space and services, right through to becoming a one-stop service provider. With our focus on the relevant target group, we partner with you to map out the future of the trade fair business. Our in-depth, specialist knowledge and technical expertise means that during this process, we are able to consider the specific processes that take place in the trade fair industry. We work together with you to design a seamless user experience for exhibitors, press representatives, industry visitors and the general public. This experience can then be appropriately implemented, both from a professional and a technical perspective.

A customised exhibition experience via new digital services

We work together with our trade fair clients to develop new digital services relating to all aspects of trade fair events:

  • Online services for registration
  • Online planning and ordering
  • Optimised processes for press accreditation,
  • Interest-based matchmaking for industry visitors
  • Coupon services
  • Personalised online trade fair planning
  • Digital touchpoints and information systems for the event.

By introducing new digital services, trade fair visitors can have a personalised trade fair experience with continuity of media.

Provision of the optimal website solution

Trade fair companies are faced with the challenge of launching a separate website for every event and every trade fair. Some of these websites also need to be available in a variety of different languages. In some cases, a central, predetermined corporate design must be followed and the same online services must be provided across more than 50 websites.

We have many years of experience in the trade fair business and in working with the target groups and requirements that are specific to this sector. This experience, combined with our in-depth understanding of the proprietary enterprise content management system FirstSpirit, allows us to provide a one-stop trade fair solution that integrates seamlessly into your IT landscape. We will design, implement and launch the solution that works best for you. If required, we can also provide you with relevant content management training.

Integration of mobile apps into the visitor concept

On request, we can integrate mobile apps into the visitor concept. This adds a digital aspect to the way that every target group experiences the trade fair. From preparation and planning visits through to the trade fair event itself and the follow-up process, this integration allows us to create a personalised VIP service for every visitor. The service includes online ticketing, navigation, digital coupons and discounts, localised information services, social media campaigns and matchmaking at the trade fair event itself.

Conception and implementation of optimal intranet solutions

Due to our sector experience and our technical and process-related expertise, we can support you with the design and implementation of intranet solutions. Our services in this area range from the design and implementation of SharePoint-based solutions through to the integration of existing and peripheral systems.

Selected References

Our selection of references gives you an impression of our daily work, provides insights into various projects and underlines our technological and consulting expertise in the field of exhibition companies.

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