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Digital transformation in the retail sector

Get some early orientation on the path to the digital era

Like most other sectors, the digital transformation is also having an impact in the retail sector. Retailers are constantly kept on their toes, as they have to act fast and rethink their strategies due to continuously changing customer requirements. Carrying out one individual project or merely establishing a department simply isn’t enough − retailers need to map out their fundamental orientation and make a decision on how to design their service offer and customer promise in order to be able to rise to this challenge.


The digital transformation offers a wide range of opportunities for retail. This doesn’t just involve implementing new business channels through e-commerce. In fact, it’s about understanding the pain points and access points of the customer and retailer. The added value of these factors also has to be maximised by means of a digital solution.

It’s not just about thinking of the end customer, however. Internal interest groups also have to be factored into the process to fully tap into the potential of new forms of cooperation, creativity and internal communication.

The digital transformation is changing the way in which products and services are designed and how we work together, as well as how you can understand and rethink processes. adesso will support you in identifying the opportunities offered by digital transformations and in fully unlocking the potential that lies within the intelligent use of software and methods.

Cross-channel shopping experiences ensure long-term customer retention

Digitalisation doesn’t just pose challenges to the retail sector – it also offers great opportunities: These range from addressing the customer in a personalised manner on the online store, to conducting transactions in-store or on the online store, right through to different online and offline sales channels that are harmonised with one another.


Time and cost optimisation from a single source

Whether it’s core business or customer processes, all procedures have to work seamlessly and efficiently in the digitalised world of retail. Optimising your processes will allow you to create added value both within the company and on a customer level. This is the only way that you will be able to withstand increasing pressure from competitors and remain competitive.


Plan and implement change processes in a targeted way

The digital transformation entails a wide array of change processes that need to be tackled head-on. We provide you with different methods that you can use to address high-priority problems within your company in a targeted way.


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