Digitisation as a challenge and an opportunity in the retail sector

Customer satisfaction and process synchronisation

Like most other sectors, increasing digitisation is also having an impact in the retail sector. In the face of ever-increasing competitive pressure, store-based retailers are confronting the challenge of creating a seamless connection between their branches and online retail formats that will enable them to cover every possible point of contact with the customer.

Efficient IT solutions to fulfil challenging customer requirements

The combination of the sustained boom in e-commerce, the rapid proliferation of mobile solutions and the ever-growing range of opportunities for digital collaboration provides a wide array of options for further development, particularly for online retailers. Yet store-based retail will also continue to be an essential pillar in the retail sector. While it is essential for retailers to have an attractive, high-quality, cross-channel commercial platform, this in itself is far from being sufficient. Store-based retailers are faced with the challenge of meeting the diverse and increasingly complex needs of their customers when it comes to the way that offers are presented, the purchase transaction and additional services.

adesso has a successful track record comprising a variety of complex projects in the mobile and e-commerce sectors and our strong, long-standing client relationships are a testament to our wide-ranging expertise.

adesso works with you to analyse end-to-end processes that are tailored to your company. We offer retailers our services as a proficient partner. We develop efficient, long-lasting solutions so that retailers can seize the opportunities associated with digitisation and obtain competitive advantages. You can benefit from our longstanding sector-specific expertise and our high-performance products.

Control of increasing data volume

Digital customer interactions generate a wealth of data. When compared to anonymous purchases in stores, digital interactions with customers allow retailers to obtain greater quantities of personalised information about their customers and the buying behaviour of these customers. The information that is collected can be used to address customers in a customised manner. The increasing use of technologies that generate data – such as RFID, sensor technology/Internet of Things and NFC (near field communication) – will mean that the volume of data continues to grow significantly. With respect to this, the challenge for the retail sector is to extract useful information from the data that is collected.

By helping you to select suitable technologies, adesso ensures that you can monitor the constantly increasing volume of data while also creating high-performance analysis reports that are informative and therefore help optimise your business. We have in-depth knowledge of the processes that are typical of this sector and our specific technological expertise enables us to create competitive advantages from the data you collect.

Development of a digital strategy

There has been – and continues to be – a great deal of media coverage about digitisation, the disruption it causes and the transformation it necessitates. There are numerous possible starting places for digitisation, so the challenge for the retail sector is to select the ones that fit with your company and your strategy. Your digitisation potential can only be fully achieved by knowing your customers’ requirements and your own capabilities extremely well and by developing and offering suitable services.

We work together with you in our Interaction Room to compile a digitisation heat map [link to the Interaction Room landing page]. The Interaction Room is a project tool that quickly provides you with the key facts about your digitisation opportunities – it is ready to use within a few days and can be implemented within a few weeks. Needless to say, afterwards we will also help you to find and implement solutions in the areas of activity that are identified

Integration of app into core business processes

In the retail sector, simply developing and launching an app is not enough to properly tackle the topic of mobile solutions. The requirements are far more focused on the integration of mobile applications into the core business processes. This includes providing data from the relevant sources in a user-friendly way. It also includes supporting transactions, which in turn interact with the core systems. In order to achieve success, it is vital that retailers take this approach and that they synchronise their processes.

We have in-depth knowledge of the processes that are typical of this sector and our specific technological expertise allows us to develop viable concepts for the lasting integration of mobile communication channels into your multi-channel strategy. The resulting mobile commerce solutions – such as shopping portals, mobile loyalty schemes and applications – successfully improve customer acquisition and retention.

Optimisation of online shops and customer portals

In the context of multichannel or omnichannel management, it is very important to establish or optimise online shops and customer portals. Existing sales channels should be supplemented in a useful way and should not be cannibalised. In addition to ensuring that customers find it easy to use the process steps, aspects such as search, comparison, advice and security are very important. Other success factors that should not be forgotten include the provision of up-to-date data that is as tailored to the customer as possible, excellent product presentation and high rankings in search engines and on comparison sites. Connectivity with back-end systems is also important.

adesso has comprehensive expertise in the area of multichannel and omnichannel management and we have already successfully implemented numerous projects of this kind. We use tried and tested technologies to provide you with expert support for the design and build process of your online shop, as well as with its optimisation.

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