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Successful sustainability management

More efficient processes and solutions with digital control and data management

Digital transformation as a value driver for more sustainability

All companies have to save energy and raw materials. This requires comprehensive transparency and a strategic orientation of processes towards sustainable management that will have to be reported on from FY 2024 within the framework of EU regulations.

To enable you to comply with future legal reporting requirements and align your company with sustainable business practices, our comprehensive consulting approach highlights all relevant processes and information flows that have a significant impact on your sustainability goals. This requires a variety of data and documents from different sources to be integrated (for example, in relation to CO2 emissions, consumption and waste). In future, this ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) data’ must be managed and organised in such a way that efficient processing is possible by means of automated workflows, including evaluation and reporting.

adesso helps companies master this digital transformation successfully and so achieve their sustainability goals by monitoring progress in a structured manner in real time and thus optimising the use of important resources in a targeted manner. Based on the available data, simulations can be created that provide valuable insights for future scenarios (for example, use of one energy source compared to another). This enables better, data-based decision-making. Our approaches follow three continuous steps:


Your advantages

  • Customer loyalty and stronger investor confidence:
    Transparent sustainability activities and compliance with legal requirements increase your company’s trustworthiness among your customers and ensure an impeccable financial rating.
  • Integration of existing infrastructure:
    If you already have specific ideas and solutions in individual areas, we will integrate these into the strategy.
  • Full service from a single source:
    We have the corresponding IT expertise in-house to also accompany the implementation for each CSR area.

adesso Sustainability Workshop-in-a-Day

Our four-step workshop, based on our proven adesso Interaction Room methodology, helps you develop your individual definition of sustainability and specify your needs as well as outline a clear path to sustainability transformation. Take the first step now!

1. Develop a shared understanding
2. Presentation of digital trends in the field of sustainability
3. Identify and discuss relevant future trends
4. Derive work packages and responsibilities

Sustainability Data Management in Practice

Step-by-step digitalisation of processes and data management for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) reporting

adesso assists the IT department and Sustainability Management of a company with the step-by-step digitalisation of processes and data management for ‘Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) reporting’ from FY 2024. The aim is to examine the previously defined fields of action of the company’s sustainability strategy and to prioritise and evaluate the topics – from energy management to the circular economy – so that, in the end, a roadmap is created for successfully implementing the sustainability strategy by 2030 (supported by digital processes and data).

The challenges
  • Various departments have very different requirements and experience when it comes to the digitalisation of processes and data management
  • Varying, isolated data sources, formats and information on emissions, consumption and waste exist in the company
  • Lack of connection and integration of existing IT technologies taking into account the specific requirements of the company’s sustainability strategy
  • Lack of transparency regarding the current situation of the individual fields of action and benchmarks

Our approach
  • Breakdown and structuring of data on energy consumption, CO2 emission sources, waste and so on
  • Action planning and tracking and comparison with the corporate strategy
  • Implementation of a climate and energy management tool for preparing and statistically evaluating data (for example, consumption)
  • CO2 balancing (scopes 1 to 3 according to the GHG Protocol Standard)
  • Provision and visualisation of data including user training

Our services
  • Fields of action become projects:
    Automation and optimisation of data management of documents and evidence to fulfil CSRD reporting obligations from EU regulations.
  • Implementation and business-oriented roadmap:
    Projects are evaluated in detail according to their cost-benefit ratio for the most important fields of action, compared with the sustainability strategy and integrated into a roadmap.
  • Analysis of own IT skills:
    Transparency as to which skills and competences need to be built up in order to successfully implement topics. It also becomes clear where external support is possible.

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Case studies - Selected projects in the area of sustainability

Implementation of a POC of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager for CO2 balancing

adesso supported TRUMPF SE + Co KG in the implementation of a PoC of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager for the balancing of Scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as a PoC of an Energy Manager App based on Power Apps for efficient energy management.

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Interaction Room: digital sustainability management

With the help of the adesso "Interaction Room" method, a "Vision 1.0" for the topic of sustainability management at OGE was developed in a multi-stage process. In a second step, project profiles were developed as part of a project profile workshop based on the Interaction Room workshop.

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