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Smart connected products

The future of connectivity and efficiency is here!

The digital transformation has revolutionised every aspect of our lives and work in recent years. Smart connected products are a key factor in taking digitalisation into all areas of our life. They are the vital to creating a more efficient, connected and data-driven future.

Smart connected products are physical products that become part of the Internet of Things thanks to embedded electronics and connectivity. They are able to collect data and communicate with other products or systems. This has opened up a host of opportunities that offer tremendous added value to both end customers and manufacturers alike. In practical terms, the applications range from smart robotic lawn mowers that can be accessed via an app from anywhere in the world to digitally monitored machines that optimise the service they offer via online services and also display performance analyses or where there is potential for improvement.

Among other things, smart connected products deliver:
  • a better user experience thanks to the use of apps
  • data analysis and optimisation based on the results of analysis
  • increase in efficiency and reduction in use of energy and resources thanks to automated control systems
  • networked interaction between different systems and products
  • remote monitoring and control
  • condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • new business models opened up through the development of digital services

Smart connected products are found in the industry applications...

Smart connected products are extremely important in industry. They enable companies to optimise their products and services by collecting and analysing real-time product data. This data can be used to improve the service process, predict when maintenance is required, detect problems quickly and increase overall efficiency.

One example of smart connected products would be smart machines used in manufacturing. These are already digitally controlled and collect large amounts of data. By transferring the data to a central platform, it can also be used to gain insights into the history, process cycle or condition of the machine, making it possible to analyse disruptions and the status of the machine as well as make predictions. This leads to higher productivity, greater efficiency and, last but not least, lower costs.

Smart connected products are also used in the home...

Smart connected products are also firmly entrenched in the B2C sector:

To give an example, water fixtures are smart, connected to the Internet and automatically perform a hygienic flush to disinfect the tap. Another would be photovoltaic systems that can be monitored at all times via apps. Even household appliances that we think of as rather simple devices are connected to the Internet and can reorder laundry detergent on their own.

smart products b2b and b2c

Smart product platforms

The basis for smart products

Companies that are serious about digitalisation need to consider IoT solutions such as smart connected products. The role of central hub is performed by a cloud application which aggregates all data and provides value-added digital services, the latter of which are developed with the aid of a smart product platform, for example.

Smart product platforms allow companies to develop customised cloud solutions for smart products that not only improve their products and services, but also open up new business opportunities.

The focus is always on providing added value to customers and companies in order to remain competitive, increase efficiency and provide new services.
Dr. Martin Peters l Head of the Line of Business Manufacturing Industries l adesso SE

com2m: the smart product platform from adesso

Bringing efficiency to the development process

Efficiency plays a major role in the operation of smart products and in the development of smart product solutions. This is why we offer the com2m smart product platform as a feature-rich IoT platform that can be used to efficiently develop customised smart product solutions that are geared towards delivering an end-to-end customer experience:

  • Wide array of basic functions
  • Customised web applications and integrations (headless backend services)
  • Provides a uniform customer experience thanks to deep integration and personalisation of the interfaces to be developed
  • Central platform for the development of digital services ranging from predictive maintenance to pay per use
  • Scalable and extendable

smart product platform

Designed for end-to-end processes

eal added value is created by linking information. This is why the com2m smart product platform is ideally suited for integration into existing landscapes and linking with service and maintenance tools or spare parts shops, for example.

Firmly focused on smart connected products, the com2m smart product platform is more than just an IoT platform.

An overview of your benefits:
  • Comprehensive device and asset management
  • User and rights management, including multi-client capability
  • Document management (e.g., for installation and operating instructions)
  • Usage statistics at a device level, for example, especially for service and pay-per-use models
  • Developed to implement custom end-to-end solutions that offer a uniform customer experience

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