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  • Efficient IT solutions in local public transport

    Together we master the challenges in a dynamic environment

    Public transport providers are faced with the task of guaranteeing adequate usage in order to generate the necessary revenue, despite the fact that the majority of their costs are fixed. This sector is in a constant state of flux, so it is important that IT solutions are quickly and precisely integrated into the existing infrastructure.

    Due to political framework conditions, public transport providers are currently facing the challenge of reducing their operating costs in order to achieve a higher cost-recovery rate. It is therefore important to make savings wherever possible and to exploit any potential for optimisation. All in all, adequate usage must be guaranteed in order to generate the necessary revenue, despite the fact that the majority of costs are fixed. There is particularly high demand for IT solutions that can be quickly and precisely integrated into the existing infrastructure.

    adesso has modules for immediate implementation, which were developed as part of projects with partners from the public transport sector. We have been active in this sector for many years, so we are familiar with the specialist requirements set out by public transport providers.

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    Our services for your Internet presence

    • News system
    • Disruption reports and schedule information
    • Contact forms
    • Events calendar
    • Downloads area

    Efficient solutions for your customer portal

    • An extension to the website
    • ‘My public transport’
    • 360° view of customers
    • Establish a clear contractual relationship
    • Pool together and track all communications

    Our solutions for your successful customer dialogue

    • 360° view of customers
    • History and communication
    • Address each customer individually
    • Preferred channel of communication
    • Customer analysis
    • Targeted campaigns

    This is how you keep an overview in the data jungle

    • Marketing integration
    • Linking data from a range of sources, such as geographical information systems, ERP, CRM and the Internet

    Our intranet solutions increase effectiveness

    • ‘My workplace’
    • Team spaces
    • Collaboration
    • Documents and templates
    • Form-based processes
    • Company search

    Our solutions for a smooth procurement process

    • Requisitions from every user
    • SAP synchronisation
    • Variable approval processes
    • Compatible with external shop systems

    Our solutions enable you to stay mobile

    • Mobile strategy
    • Mobile-friendly Internet presence
    • App development
    • Playful elements generate additional appeal and added value

    We improve your communication channels

    • Faster communication channels
    • Conferences
    • Screen sharing
    • Integration of telephone systems

    Process Optimisation

    New applications for processes and process engineering

    Just as a mechanic takes good care of a car’s engine to make sure it is always ready to go and able to deliver maximum performance, we take the same level of care when it comes to optimising processes and process technology. This puts us in the perfect position to offer process and functional improvements so you can create uniform working standards for all your employees. Our experts link these standards in work value maps to map complex work. A work value map consists of several service categories. We use to these categories to identify how much a service costs and how much revenue it generates.

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    Selected references

    Our reference brochure gives you an impression of our daily work, gives you an insight into various projects and underlines our technology and consulting competence in the sector of public transportation.

    Data is the fuel of digitalisation and for the use of artificial intelligence

    Modern data & analytics projects include the precise determination of requirements in communication with the respective departments, the integration and provision of the data platform and the analysis and evaluations of the data volumes based on this. In this way, we guarantee detailed insights into the data and enable future forecasts.

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