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Digitalisation of the food and beverage industry

Consulting, digital transformation and process optimisation

Making digitalisation tasty

Digitalisation of the food and beverage industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated what a difference a digital working environment can make. This is also reinforced by the growing competitive pressure as well as legal requirements and the high quality demands of customers. This means in effect that switching to digital solutions is vital.

Processes in the food industry must be adapted in order for companies to be able to respond competently to current events and rapidly changing customer needs. Moreover, the focus is not only on the end consumer. On the contrary, internal target groups must be involved in the processes to be able to fully exploit the opportunities offered by digital solutions.

Our experts support you in expanding and optimally adapting your existing products with the aid of digital features. This allows you to fully exploit the potential of digital transformation.

As a leading digitalisation expert, we combine technological expertise with industry-specific requirements and enable you to digitalise your business processes – whether in production, sales or to get closer to your end customers.

Digital Commerce Study 2023

Quo Vadis Digital Commerce: What do consumers need and how should companies act now?

Our latest digital commerce study shows trends, uncovers valuable differences between the perceptions of customers and companies and offers you concrete recommendations for optimising the customer experience. In doing so, it looks at the retail and financial services industries with a clear distinction.

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An overview of our solution modules

Product management

Always one step ahead of the competition

The understanding of customer needs is constantly influenced by rapidly advancing digitalisation. Companies that continue to keep abreast of current trends and technologies have a clear advantage over their competitors.

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We use our agile development methods such as the Interaction Room or Design Thinking to help you design and develop creative and innovative products and solutions. This allows you to lay the foundation for successful and modern product management.

In a digital environment, product lifecycles get shorter and shorter, information goes out of date faster and master data, prices, images, media formats, technical details and product texts have to be adapted more and more quickly. Optimised content control is therefore an essential part of a digitalised food industry. It is the only way to cope with the high number of product brands.

A content management system allows you to supply all your digital channels effectively with global, automated or individual content. Editors can enter content efficiently, manage it across all channels, languages and countries and then publish it in the right context.

We advise you and help you to implement the solution that is right for your company.

Customer engagement

A coordinated sales process makes it easy to acquire customers!

An extensive customer base is also essential in the food and beverage industry for creating a satisfactory level of added value. Benefit from using our CRM services and initiate the necessary measures to generate a better reach.

These include:

  • Digital campaigns
  • Mobility
  • Digital assistants
  • Modern data-driven CRM platforms
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Production 4.0

In production, many different factors lead to success. Our experts develop individual and tailor-made digital solutions for you to optimally coordinate factors such as capacities and resources.

These include:

  • Processes (ppi): Identify further process optimisation opportunities through various evaluation options.
  • Maintenance: Maximise the life of your machines thanks to IoT.
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Management and organisation

A holistic overview creates order

Rapid decision-making is an important component for the success of a company at the management and organisational level. An organised overview makes it possible to introduce efficient processes and methods that promote synergies between individual business areas.

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Relevant areas include:

  • Knowledge management: Create a general understanding for all those involved. Knowledge in implicit as well as explicit form can be intercepted and stored centrally using a customised knowledge management solution.
  • Change management: Create sustainable and steady change. This is necessary to be able to master the challenges of digitalisation in the best possible way.
  • HR: Use suitable ERP systems to collect the data you require consistently and make the data visible at a glance.
  • IT infrastructure: Use individual IT infrastructure concepts such as on-premise or cloud solutions.
  • Financial management: Market products globally through the use of automated compliance processing
  • Batch processing (SAP): Determine the origin of a raw material use in seconds.

Get an overview and design your processes digitally to create a reliable infrastructure in your company that can also be flexibly adapted and expanded. We are here to help you.

Process Optimisation

New applications for processes and process engineering

Just as a mechanic takes good care of a car’s engine to make sure it is always ready to go and able to deliver maximum performance, we take the same level of care when it comes to optimising processes and process technology. This puts us in the perfect position to offer process and functional improvements so you can create uniform working standards for all your employees. Our experts link these standards in work value maps to map complex work. A work value map consists of several service categories. We use to these categories to identify how much a service costs and how much revenue it generates.

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Successful projects – satisfied customers

From platform solutions and app developments to quality management – thanks to our competent technical expertise and extensive IT experience, we have already successfully implemented numerous IT projects and advanced the digitalisation of the food industry.

Our customers in the food and beverage industry include BoFrost, Pepsico and Fressnapf.

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