Supply chain management

End-to-End logistics process from raw material to delivery to the customer

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We know and understand all aspects of supply chain management, from (raw) material requirements planning, procurement, supplier integration, intralogistics and production to the operation of the developed solutions, and can help you overcome the challenges facing your supply chain:

  • Heterogeneous IT landscape: siloed systems lead to data inconsistencies and add complexity to planning processes; no single point of truth
  • Lack of transparency regarding the whereabouts of goods and shipments
  • Information not recorded by a system, be that from physical documents, telephone conversations and so forth, resulting in a lot time spent in coordination and communication
  • Time lost because you have to clear up issues if information and data is not available in the system
  • Supply chain management in part done manually/subject to disruptions
  • Problems exacerbated by limited resources available (chips, for example)
  • Setting up a digital supply chain
  • Sustainability
  • Effective monitoring and efficient management

We help you overcome these challenges and set up a proactive management system.

Supply chain management at adesso

Expert advice on your supply chain and process optimisation measures goes hand in hand with digitalisation at adesso:

  • Our data and analytics experts are actively involved in your projects from day one.
  • We perform supplier management for you, including calculating your Scope 3 emissions.
  • We take an end-to-end approach that includes the active involvement of suppliers, production facilities and end customers.

Workshop format „Interaction Room“

Our workshop for the perfectly organised supply chain project

The aims of the Interaction Room

We take a closer look at how the supply chain processes should be aligned and where action is required in the Interaction Room, a workshop format developed by adesso in order to optimally support the rapid growth of your company in future as well as define and consolidate your business processes, technical/legal requirements, data structures and infrastructure dependencies.

We take an interactive, collaborative approach that allows us to create transparency regarding processes and channels used to communicate with a large number of suppliers. This gives us deep insights into your supply chain and allows you to minimise the risk of supply disruptions and delivery bottlenecks.

We take an interactive, collaborative approach that allows us to create transparency regarding processes and channels used to communicate with a large number of suppliers. This gives us deep insights into your supply chain and allows you to minimise the risk of supply disruptions and delivery bottlenecks.

Learn more about the Interaction Room

Supply chain management issues in focus at companies

Digital supply chains would seem to have a bright future. As a manufacturing company, we see our suppliers’ stock levels in the system and our Customer Service department can say exactly when the delivery will be made. Bottlenecks no longer exist because the needed quantities have been (re)ordered with the help of predictive monitoring in order to get them to the customer as quickly as possible. And the best thing is, we make this all possible.

In a self-driving digital supply chain, production and distribution automatically adapt to changing customer demands. The aim is not to ensure that goods reach their destination more quickly. It is to make sure your products are consistently available and more sustainable.

Achieving the forward-looking goal of a digital supply chain requires close collaboration between experts from specialist departments such as purchasing, logistics, production planning and sales planning and IT experts from the enterprise architecture management and data analytics departments.

Learn more about data and analytics at adesso

To prepare for the future, we need to live more sustainable lives and employ more sustainable management practices. Companies are obliged to reduce the amount of energy and raw materials they consume. Along with that, they will also need to file reports verifying that their processes are clearly and strategically geared towards sustainable operations from the 2024 financial year onwards under the EU regulation. This will have a direct impact on their supply chain management.

Our consultants are there to advise you on the topic of sustainability to ensure that you too can meet these challenges.

Learn more about sustainability at adesso

The Supply Chain Control Tower is a customised solution adapted to the IT infrastructure you have at your company. As a digital dashboard, it shows you the status of each of your shipments and makes information available throughout your company and beyond in real time. By incorporating new and existing data, suppliers and shipping agents are also connected to your system.

Project example

Supply chain management at Vibracoustic Simulation of commodity-related risks

The adesso Group delivered the advanced overall solution for planning price and product information, regardless of location, one that includes flexible reporting options and simulations.


  • More than 150,000 individual prices had to be taken into account in the simulation
  • The data model comprises different source systems (Hybris C4C, SAP ERP)

Implementation by adesso

  • Global sales and revenue planning implemented using SAP BW on HANA
  • Upgrade planning to a global bill of materials, including cost of raw materials and presentation of reports, simulations and forecasts
  • Responsible for technical design and implementation for SAP BW and Cloud 4 customer
  • Use of hybrid scenarios with respect to cloud on-premise integration

Advantages for Vibracoustic AG

  • Transparency regarding commodity price risks
  • Able to identify where action was needed
  • Simulation of the effects of price changes (in 30 seconds)
  • Enhanced contract negotiations

Blog post

Digitalisation of the supply chain

Imagine the following scenario: Manufacturing companies see the inventory of suppliers in the system and can tell exactly when the shipment will be delivered. Bottlenecks no longer exist because the required quantities were (re-)ordered with the help of predictive monitoring. This will be possible in the future with Self-Driving Supply Chain. This blog post introduces the concept in more detail.

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