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With over 11 years of experience and collaborative work with AWS, we are your professional partner when it comes to the latest AWS technologies. Starting with the point-by-point expansion of local resources, we are able to provide you support from the cloud strategy all the way to the implementation and operation of your solution.

Our expertise and experience enable us to flexibly react to different requirements and develop innovative solutions that meet your needs. No matter how unique or challenging they may be, we are here for you and will help you achieve your goals.

With hundreds of AWS-certified experts in container, hybrid and even multi-cloud technologies, we are able support your business needs with the right technology. As an active member of AWS Labs, we relay our experiences back to the open source community in order to get the latest approaches to solving your business requirements and rectifying your business situation.

adesso is an AWS EKS Kubernetes Partner

We offer end-to-end support from rollout to enablement, supported by our specialised DevOps teams and an SLA-controlled managed service operation for EKS.

This is how you benefit from adesso AWS EKS Kubernetes expertise:

  • Smooth launch: We provide you with a customisable rollout, aligned with your business goals and IT infrastructure.
  • Expert enablement: Empower your team with our training and resources for an efficient EKS rollout.
  • Dedicated DevOps Support: Leverage the expertise of our DevOps professionals for seamless integration and deployment.
  • Solid SLA Managed Services: Rely on our comprehensive managed services with strict SLAs for top performance and 24/7 availability.
  • Security and Compliance: Rely on our expertise in complex security requirements, protecting your sensitive data and compliance regulations.

Cloud adoption

We accompany you every step of the way, from cloud strategy to implementation. Whether you are just getting started, have already taken the first steps into the cloud or need someone to bounce ideas off of for your next project, we work with you to find the optimal solution.

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adesso is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Solution Provider

We are happy to assist you with your cloud projects

This partnership enables us to offer you comprehensive expert knowledge and first-class services in the field of cloud computing.

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The cloud as an enabler

How we are revolutionising our customers’ IT landscapes

Our approach is holistic: we look not only at the technology, but also at the structure and organisation of the users and their processes. We know that the way an organisation is structured and how the different departments work together has a direct influence on the success of technology projects. That is why we analyse not only the technical requirements, but also the organisational structures and ensure that our solutions fit seamlessly into the organisational structure.

This focus goes hand in hand with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, which serves as our guideline for migrating our customers to the cloud.

Our approach is part of the New School of IT and is anchored in our company up to the highest levels. The New School of IT is based on closely linking technologies and industry expertise. It enables innovation and resilience and is therefore the basis for the digital transformation.

Innovative together

adesso and AWS are driving business transformation forward

We value AWS as a partner because of its widespread presence and acceptance in the market, among other things. This gives us the security of relying on a proven and dependable platform.

Intuitive technical implementation enables us to implement projects quickly and efficiently, whether in the AWS cloud, in a hybrid environment (such as Outpost) or in a multi-cloud environment. AWS provides a variety of resources and blueprints for doing so. Extensive documentation and collaboration with the community provide additional support, allowing us to address your requirements and challenges in the best way possible.

In addition, AWS offers well-integrated compliance services that enable us to meet the requirements of GxP and regulatory markets such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), even in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. AWS is a strong platform that supports us and gives us confidence to meet your requirements.

Selected references

Insights into our daily work

Our AWS Cloud testimonials give you insight into our work and various projects in which we provide our customers organisational and technological support to streamline their business processes and make them more efficient using modern cloud technologies.

  • API Management

    Integrate applications, data and processes

    Web services and APIs define modern application development and are the drivers for new business models. An API management platform such as apigee not only modernises systems from an infrastructure perspective – it also focuses on the tasks and use cases of the APIs, not the technical system. In addition, they accelerate and document the application landscape you are using at the same time. Get in touch with us

  • Marketing Platform

    Unite all services in one solution

    Whether you opt for Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Maps (My Business) data, you are provided with an excellent database for your customer data platform. Supplemented by data from CRM, CMS and other systems, the right platform is created for your personalisation strategy and marketing automation approaches. Get in touch with us

  • With adesso into the Cloud 

    There is no way around the cloud

    Your business is unique. Your IT strategy is just as unique. With the Cloud Platform Factory, adesso offers you custom-fit and proven solutions to lift your IT into the cloud.  Learn more

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