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Electromobility meets IoT: adesso supported Compleo in developing a modern e-mobility backend solution that allows it to tap the full potential of charging infrastructure solutions for the first time. Core components include digital services made possible by systematically linking the charging solutions to the e-mobility backend. These facilitate integration into roaming networks, authentication via RFID tokens, intuitive control via an app as well as relevant services within the scope of the billing process as a private or business customer.

Along with that, the provision of digital services has opened up a new business model for Compleo. In many situations, the e-mobility software platform is not only essential for Compleo to meet customer requirements and do things such as be able to bid on contracts, but much more so, it also firmly establishes an additional pillar for generating a steady, in part use-based stream of revenue.

Highlights of the project

Comprehensive cloud integration

From the authorisation and billing of charging sessions to the integration of roaming (for example, Hubject and PlugSurfing), to barrier-free payment, all relevant processes are handled via the cloud and mapped centrally in the portal.

Ad-hoc charging and direct payment

Consumers have the option of using the charging stations without a customer contract and then paying for the electricity they use directly at the charging stations with their debit or credit card (a receipt is also issued in compliance with the calibration laws).

Compliance with calibration laws

Compliance with calibration laws plays a key role in electromobility. The cloud lends supports in the form of additional services such as accessing digital receipts or providing signed information about a charging process performed using the charging station.



  • To monitor and manage charging stations via a cloud backend
  • To provide the software platform and associated services for charging station operators
  • To handle all relevant processes via the cloud (for example, authorisation, billing, roaming integration, barrier-free payment or the processes in the receipt portal)
  • To provide services for different user groups (from energy suppliers to employers, to private users)
  • To guarantee data protection and compliance with the calibration laws


  • Multi-client capable platform with white label function
  • Comprehensive user and rights concept for multi-level user management
  • Connection to platforms such as PlugSurfing and Hubject
  • Payment and billing solutions
  • App-based controls


  • Scalable microservice architecture
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • OCPP protocol for standardised connection of charging stations
  • Customer-specific services (such as PayPal integration)
  • Modern web technologies for frontends

Our services

  • Concept for overall solution designed in collaboration with the client (technical/functional)
  • An agile approach to development
  • Operating and updating the IoT cloud solution (including UI/UX, frontends and cloud backend) and ongoing upgrades to the application
  • Operating and further developing the overall IoT solution

Dortmund-based Compleo (formerly wallbe) is making a significant contribution to advancing electromobility with its cutting-edge charging solutions. The company, which specialises in IT as well as electrical and general engineering, develops practical, end-to-end solutions that combine all the features of modern charging, where, in partnership with us, it systematically employs IoT cloud technologies.

Compleo not only delivers hardware as well as services to operate and maintain it, but it also sees itself as a full-service provider for e-mobility solutions.

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