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Sustainability as a value underpinning

Our commitment to creating a better future


Every Bit Counts

Sustainability is a topic that affects our society as a whole, each of us individually and every company on many levels – consumers who explicitly prefer sustainable products and value sustainable behaviour, needs and values that change and legal frameworks on procurement and production.

As a responsible company, we do our bit. And we defined three fields in which we are active. We started with the three pillars of sustainability – environmental issues, economic issues and social issues. From there, we identified the topics of ‘sustainable software’, ‘sustainable business’ and ‘sustainable company’ as our main fields of action.

Sustainability Report

adesso is on its way to a better future

Would you like to learn more? Our annual sustainability report is the heart of our commitment to sustainability. In it, we report on our progress using resources, our processes for ensuring integrity and the implementation of our code of conduct.

Check out the sustainability report here

Any questions?

Would you like to learn more about sustainability at adesso or do you have questions about specific aspects? Please contact us.


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