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This isn’t a corny phrase, rather it’s a fundamental principle. Because for us, our adessi are more than just employees who do a really good job. We’re also interested in them as individuals, what their needs are and what moves them on a daily basis. We want our adessi to be able to be optimistic and to know that we’ll support them in more than just matters concerning their job or work environment. After all, we’ve been walking the same path together for quite some time – and not just the career path, but also a part of life’s path.

With care[4]adessi, we offer our adessi reliable support options for a wide range of various situations. The concept consists of different building blocks: some offerings have been established with us for years, others are currently expanding our range of offerings.

adesso cares for you

Life sometimes presents us with challenges that aren’t so easy to overcome on our own. Our aspiration is to overcome these difficult life situations together with our adessi – if they want.

familysupport[4]adessi offers information and help for the following topics:

  • How do I plan my parental leave?
  • Which forms do I need for parental allowance?
  • I’m so stressed I can hardly sleep – what can I do about it?
  • How do I apply for a care level for relatives?
  • How do I apply for my pension and what documents do I need?
  • And much more!
Illustration eine sitzenden Mannes mit zwei Kindern

‘We help now!’ is our guiding principle at SOS[4]adessi. We step in for our employees when others no longer help: SOS[4]adessi is an extension of our care[4]adessi offering and is intended to support adessi in real (private) cases of emergency or distress. It goes without saying that we deal with each respective situation and the information relating to it with confidentiality.

Illustration einer SOS-Säule

Of time-out, partnerships with nurseries and fitness

More offerings from our care[4]adessi programme

Time out

There are some projects in life which are just too difficult to combine with work, whether it’s that round-the-world trip you’ve been planning since you were a student, finishing a dissertation or just taking time out to spend with your family. We understand that your job is an important part of your life – but it isn’t everything. That’s why we give our employees the chance to take up to two months’ unpaid leave in one go. adesso will pay you a bonus during this otherwise unpaid leave.

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adesso MIND

adesso MIND is part of care[4]adessi and uses numerous methods and approaches to lend support for dealing with complexity. When everyday work becomes stressful due to multiple projects, speaking with customers and time pressure, mindfulness helps to increase creativity, improve concentration, boost productivity and much more. We’ve developed various support options for you – from a training programme and a podcast series to a practical everyday helper: the 7Mind app. Why don’t you give it a try?

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adesso MIND


With JobRad, we make it possible to lead a healthy lifestyle: simply lease the bike of your dreams and hit the road. How does it work? It’s very simple! Thanks to our cooperation with JobRad, you and your loved ones can lease the bike of your choosing at an attractive discount rate and a simple deferred compensation process. Nothing stands in the way of your next family bike tour.



Family and career? This shouldn’t be an ‘either-or’ for you. That’s why we support you with a wide range of offers with family[4]adessi:from partnerships with nurseries to individual ways of organising your family time, our adessini portal for childcare during holidays and many other options.

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family at adesso


Become part of the sport@adesso team! Whether it’s running, cycling or the traditional gym workout: adesso provides you with support so you can stay fit in your off time, too. Are you more of a team player? No problem. Team up with a few adessi for a football or handball match, for example. adesso will cover the venue costs. That way you can be at ease when you strengthen your body and mind.


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