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Digital customer portals

Simpler processes with single sign-on

The digital transformation must be thought of on a company-wide basis

The digital transformation does not only affect individual departments in companies. If taken seriously, the changes caused by digitalisation are felt throughout the entire organisation. This means that ideally they should be driven centrally. But it is not only a central approach to the introduction and implementation of digitalisation projects that is important. Often it also takes a digital product for everything to come together.

Digital customer portals

What does that actually mean?

Every company knows this situation: as the depth of digitalisation increases, so does the number of digital tools used in a wide variety of departments. Purchasing, sales and business development work with an ERP, CRM, BI and mailing system, while service and IT need a service and ticketing tool for their daily work. Marketing maintains the website, possibly even a webshop, perhaps an app, too. Machine data is captured via a monitoring portal.

In short: the system landscape used is sometimes complex, confusing and, above all, not interconnected.

However, the ‘customer of our customer’, who ultimately also uses many of the solutions on a daily basis, faces a completely different challenge. They need various passwords and user names and juggle all these different login credentials, which may even be shared by different employees.

Digital customer portals or service portals that are connected to the cloud via an IoT platform, holding the fragmented system landscape together, and also feature a single sign-on can act as a solution here. They offer the possibility to map data, evaluations, processes or user behaviour via a frontend and make them directly accessible to those who need to keep track of them. All this using one bundled login, which simplifies administration.

Successful projects – satisfied customers

Our references and examples of projects at a glance

Our references give you an insight into our daily work showing how we help our customers design a simple and smooth customer experience.

A holistic view of the customer

The lighting system manufacturer TRILUX was faced with pretty much the same situation as described above. Different applications with different logins were in use, and data and processes were not linked. A holistic view was simply not possible due to these system breaks.

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The company relied on SAP Commerce Cloud as well as the development of a shop and various self-service functions to connect the various systems together in a network. Login processes have been simplified via Salesforce Community Cloud.

In addition, a project cooperation platform was developed for TRILUX customers.

By combining and networking the platforms, TRILUX now has a holistic view of its customer base and their customers’ usage behaviour. It not only increases the efficiency of their processes by having the chance to react quickly to customers’ needs, but above all it fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The centralisation of all services

SENNEBOGEN, a market leader in the field of crane technology, faced similar challenges. A wide variety of applications were in use here, too – both at SENNEBOGEN and at retailers and customers – but they were not centrally accessible or connected to each other in any way.

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The mySENNEBOGEN customer portal now bundles all offers. Users can access all applications, services and data that are important and necessary for them via a single sign-on procedure. The portal provides central administration functionality for activating new users.

The mySENNEBOGEN customer portal is the basis for the entire digital business for SENNEBOGEN. All digital offers and services are made available to the users centrally and individually tailored where necessary.

Holistic data collection and analysis

The use of digital customer portals also pays off in data collection. For example, Hoppecke, Europe’s largest manufacturer of industrial battery systems, was faced with the challenge of not having data on its customers’ usage behaviour and the condition of its products due to a lack of infrastructure.

Hoppecke Logo

The solution was a central IoT platform that bundles different product areas and enables high-resolution data collection and mass data management.

Collecting data via the platform-based digital customer portal (single sign-on) and subsequently analysing it pays off. Hoppecke not only learns more about the behaviour of its users and can actively offer tailored digital services; users also receive detailed information about their own batteries and storage systems and in turn have the opportunity to continuously develop their own product based on data.

Other projects in which our solutions support manufacturing companies in introducing tailored digital services

Why the use of single sign-on customer portals pays off

  • Higher efficiency

    SSO portals streamline the fragmented IT landscape of different systems and applications by coordinating and connecting them, which leads to an increase in efficiency. All applications are centralised and made accessible to all necessary employees with only one login and password. It no longer necessary to write down and manage various passwords.

  • Improved user-friendliness

    SSO portals increase user-friendliness by centralising all applications and making them accessible with a single login and password, which eliminates the need to write down and manage individual passwords. In addition, user administration is simplified by central administration and potential errors are minimised by the elimination of media discontinuities and manual intermediate steps such as Excel spreadsheets.

  • Simplified user administration

    SSO portals simplify user management through centralisation, which ensures that all employees can access the applications they need without additional authentication steps or manually entering login credentials.

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