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>> Gothaer has been working with adesso and SmartShore since 2018. In 2021, we were able to build on this experience and set up the project to modernise our rate calculators quickly and with little fuss. All in all, it is no coincidence that our collaboration is a success – it is the result of excellent cooperation over a long period of time.

Stella Engels, Rate Calculator Product Owner at Gothaer

Jonathan Szejnmann, Geschäftsführer der Trustlog GmbH

The challenge

Gothaer was looking to improve the customer experience that the rate calculators for its existing products provide and thus optimise their usability for end customers. The customer-centric nature of the rate calculators plays a vital role in this.

At the same time, improving usability was a major step towards increasing the conversion rate.

The solution

Gothaer’s digital sales unit now works in cross-functional and agile teams. The respective responsible department and the development team work according to the Scrum framework and are in daily contact with one another. This is where the designs and structure of the new rate calculators for the project were created.

The existing rate calculators were redesigned one by one to optimise them for mobile devices. As part of this, adesso made sure the scaling was appropriate by rolling out the newly developed designs for the old rate calculators in packages. The first three rate calculators for hunting liability insurance, boat liability insurance and skipper liability insurance went live in March 2022.

A new mobile-first design is already live and the components are constantly being developed and optimised. The new design standard means further rate calculators can be adapted in future in a lean and efficient way thanks to corresponding scaling packages and a standardised procedure.

The new design standard to be developed, which should be significantly better at meeting the customers’ demands – especially customers who are on mobile devices – should be developed in a way that means it can be transferred to all the other existing products.

adesso services at a glance

The scope of the project saw adesso assume responsibility for the development, quality assurance, modernisation, cooperation between development and operation (DevOps) as well as the future maintenance of the rate calculators.

In the backend, Spring Boot was used to provide web services for the frontend. The backend is the link to the basic GoSys systems and does not have its own data management and database integration. The frontend was developed using the VueJS JavaScript library and accesses these web services. The interfaces were developed to be responsive so that they can be used on mobile devices.

About the customer

The Gothaer Group is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany. It generates approximately €4.6 billion in revenue from premiums and has around 4.1 million insured members. Its product range extends across every insurance segment in private and corporate customer business. As part of this, Gothaer provides high-quality and, above all, personal consultancy to customers.

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