Digital solutions for reinsurers

Actively managing customer relations with primary insurers

Reinsurers need specialised solutions

Reinsurers have different requirements than primary insurers when it comes to their IT landscape. They offer custom solutions to primary insurers, meaning they have fewer standardised processes and no retail business to speak of. Each risk is assessed and underwritten individually. Reinsurers are internationally active and require additional flexibility in all business processes as they are subject to general corporate guidelines while operating under different legal conditions.

What reinsurers and primary insurers have in common is the need to optimise their processes, leverage large amounts of data to tap their company’s vast potential and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

adesso offers a wide range of products along the value chain to meet this need. We know the reinsurance business!

adesso knows its way around the reinsurance market

In addition to the methods and products we offer, we also have extensive expertise that allows us to optimise our services for reinsurers. Our specialists have first-hand experience in reinsurance and have successfully carried out numerous projects together with major reinsurers.

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Selected services for reinsurers

New Business/Renewal

As part of the new business and renewal process, we deploy data and analytics methods and tools used to extract information from documents based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist our customers in risk analysis and product development. Our experience in customer relation management (CRM) with a variety of tools supports our clients in customer value analysis, management, marketing and other activities.

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The underwriting support services offered by the reinsurers are popular among primary insurers. For one, the reinsurer is able to provide the primary insurer with products such as software solutions that help it manage its day-to-day activities. Reinsurers have also rolled out software solutions designed to handle internal processes to ensure that the primary insurer receives better, faster and more comprehensive service.

Data analytics methods, document classification and data extraction can complement these services.

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Claims Management

Unlike the application review process, the claims review process is still largely manual, with each claim evaluated individually. Here, too, companies are looking to increasingly automate the process in order to conserve resources and reduce processing costs. Data analytics methods can help in identifying categories of claims. Using intelligent document analysis, important information can be extracted, condensed and made available to the case worker.

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Innovative methods and tools

  • Aisaac for document classification and data extraction based on machine learning methods.
  • We use Google Document AI and (Cogito) for AI-based document analysis.
  • Data analytics is used to extract information from data and encompasses a range of different use cases, procedures, methods and products.

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Your added value with adesso

  • Practical implementation – adesso understands reinsurance and is there to support customers in completing their projects or will carry them out for them if so desired.
  • Professional partner – adesso has been an active partner for reinsurers for many years and combines industry expertise with technical excellence.
  • Project accelerator – adesso supports your employees with the help of defined processes and methods.
  • Flexibility – flexible access to domain experts in the adesso Group. Our range of services offers the necessary flexibility for every project situation for reacting to changing requirements.
  • Efficiency and pragmatism – adesso’s physical proximity enables short project paths - even at short notice.

What we offer

Are you looking to optimise business processes at your company? Would you like to use the large amounts of assorted data available at your company for predictive underwriting or product development, and do you need help doing so? At a moderated workshop, we analyse the process or your ideas and develop solutions together with you. Once this is complete, we would be happy to show you the steps necessary to implement them.

Do you have any questions?

There is no website or brochure which can replace a personal meeting to talk about your goals and topics. We are looking forward to an appointment on site.


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