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We combine our specialist and technical knowledge with over 20 years of industry experience to analyse and optimise your processes. As part of our digital business models, we support you in the digitalisation of your core processes and actively help to shape the technological change. With our business development, we assist you with the long-term changes affecting the insurance industry and provide you with consultation in a tailored way that’s right for you, letting you see the big picture.

Digital business models

Customers expect to receive exhaustive information and a round-the-clock service that can be reached by both analogue and digital means. Your sales partners, on the other hand, want to receive a comprehensive overview of your inventories. On top of that, legislative guidelines as well as palpable competitors in the form of start-ups are once again shaking up requirements. We use our sales expertise to optimise your processes and adapt them to the latest challenges facing the industry as well as the ones that are on the horizon.

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

The key component in the application process is the assessment of biometric risks. We have gained extensive knowledge concerning the risk assessment process from a diverse range of customer projects, meaning we can offer the following services:

  • Selecting a suitable risk assessment tool
  • Optimising the assessment process, taking various different IT system into account
  • Integrating the new risk assessment tool into the current IT landscape

It may be the case that your current system is incompatible with several future-oriented possibilities such as process optimisations and continuous digitalised procedures. Solutions can only meet your customers’ and employees’ expectations if they are built on the foundation of a modern and flexible system landscape. We work out the most suitable options for you and work together with you to implement them.

Our services for optimising your inventory processes include:

  • System and data migration from expert analyses, to system development, to quality assurance and system implementation
  • Digital workflow processes for input and output management
  • Process consulting for collections and disbursements
  • Analysis and assessment of cyber risks, such as through the use of a cyber risk tool
  • Support and consultation regarding IT requirements for insurance companies, data portability and IT infrastructure library (ITIL)
  • Specialist and technical support in the implementation and optimisation of corporate and industrial banking (along with retail banking), especially in terms of contract management.
  • Implementation and integration of digital signatures
  • Data portability (DSGVO)

If a customer makes a claim, their first contact with the insurer is through claims processing, service and indemnification. As simple, fast and above all uncomplicated claims regulation processes are expected, we act as the link between specialist departments and IT to support you in establishing smart, networked processes within your company.

Our offering includes:

  • Process optimisation for your claims/benefits management
  • Implementation of digital claims processes
  • Development of mobile solutions for claims regulation processes linked to third-party systems
  • Optimisation and IT technical support for (disability) benefit review processes

Solid and fast decisions in reinsurance underwriting and pricing require an increasing digitalization and acceleration of processes. The combination of knowledge from treaty portfolios, claims risks, market and hazard analyses and a broad pool of specialist knowledge strengthens your market presence.

Together we optimise your individual processes and create flexible, future-oriented solutions.

Our services include:

  • Analysis and optimisation of the degree of coverage of your administrative processes in all aspects of reinsurance
  • Introduction of portal solutions for communication between primary insurers, reinsurance brokers and reinsurers (especially in the area of facultative reinsurance)
  • Support in underwriting and pricing through integrated tools adapted to your specific needs
  • Development of special scenarios for market analyses including process integration
  • Automated analysis of wordings according to your drawing policy.
  • Identification and assessment of accumulation risks

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Digitalisation is changing how cooperative relationships are formed within organisations and it is also making far-reaching changes to all company dimensions – from the strategic vision and company management, to the organisational structures and process organisations, to the IT landscape – a necessity. However, no one solution is perfect for achieving a ‘digital network culture’.

Our experts support you in the strategic realignment, in the reduction of your organisational complexity and in the implementation of strategic transformations.

The focus is on the following areas:

  • Business transformation
  • Change Management
  • Bbusiness process analysis

Technological change

A successful digital transformation is an organisational challenge first and foremost that requires a clear strategic vision in terms of management and content. However, the current level of maturity needs to be determined to achieve this goal. Only then can the necessary measures and action recommendations be derived. adesso recommends the concept of "Digital Mastery" as a strategic framework in the successful support and consulting of our customers.

Within the framework of Digital Mastery, we support you in particular in the following steps:

We offer support for the following steps in particular:

  • Carrying out online self-assessments – including the necessary analyses
  • Carrying out interviews – including the necessary analyses
  • Insurance-specific action recommendations
  • High-level transformation plan

In our opinion and our job, AI is not a black box, it is a transparent process in which customers keep the threads in their hands.

We use data science in the insurance industry - for example to optimise personnel management in call centres, to automate the classification of customer enquiries, to recognise migration tendencies at an early stage, or to make predictions about future losses.

Many reports describe an artificial intelligence that thinks autonomously, solves problems or develops its own identity. In the insurance industry, artificial intelligence becomes a strategic chapter for the future.

The focus of Data Science lies in the areas of:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Semantic Text Recognition

Process automation enables duties that were previously assumed by your employees to be transferred to IT systems. For example, using chatbots as digital assistants in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI) ensures internal and external efficiency in companies and optimises customer interaction. For your customers, this process means they receive answers to their requests faster and a round-the-clock service increases their satisfaction. Your employees no longer have to take care of standard requests, allowing them to tackle more complex requests more effectively.

Take full advantage of the benefits of automation.

  • Blockchain
  • Chatbot
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
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We provide you with consultancy for all IT processes and support you in the successful implementation of new IT systems and applications.

The key aspects in this context are found in the following areas:

Business development

We are an innovative IT service provider, which means we deal with the latest technologies and actively help to shape the future. As our customer, you also benefit from the results of our research. The following technologies are a key focus in this area:

In recent years, insurtechs and fintechs have established themselves as market players. We are in contact with a range of these start-ups thanks to a variety of industry initiatives, trade fairs and events such as our inQventures Boostival. As part of this, we provide start-ups with venture capital, operational IT support, access to markets and infrastructure. This gives us the opportunity to identify profitable business models and interesting innovations while they are still at a very early stage

Our ‘SmartShore Your Startup’ approach also supports start-ups with the cost-effective implementation of software projects using qualified software engineers and UX/UI experts at our nearshore sites in Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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