E-commerce support in times of crisis: adesso delivers fully fledged online shops in two weeks or less

Dortmund | 28. April 2020

Through its Fast Launch Commerce concept, the IT service provider adesso is supporting companies that need an online shop fast in the current crisis, allowing them to set up a digital sales channel in no time flat. The service is part of adesso’s comprehensive crisis portfolio for businesses.

A situation like the one now leads to a dramatic shift in the way people shop. Due to closed stores and restrictions on freedom of movement, more and more people are shopping online. The “Corona Consumer Check” released by the market research institute IFH Köln backs up these findings, with 22 % of those surveyed saying they had purchased items online that they would normally have bought in bricks-and-mortar stores. Companies that do not yet have an e-commerce channel therefore face a massive disadvantage compared to their competitors.

adesso’s Fast Launch Commerce service enables such companies to open a digital sales channel quickly and cost-efficiently. In two weeks or less, they can set up a fully fledged online shop with a responsive storefront and an integrated link to the most important systems. The offer includes robust testing, as well as advice and training to support any business’s efforts.

To speed things up, adesso has designed the entire implementation process around maximum efficiency. The shop’s functional depth, design and features are predefined. Meanwhile, defined interfaces ensure integration into payment gateways and ERP systems. adesso also makes consistent use of cloud platforms.

Regardless of the current crisis, this service is geared towards companies that are looking to keep time-to-market short. For example, it allows them to quickly launch an online shop in a new country or experimental market. If needed, they can also turn to adesso to successively expand the shop, transforming it into a unique digital experience platform.

Fast Launch is based on adesso’s long-standing and comprehensive expertise in designing and implementing e-commerce solutions. adesso Group has experts for all leading enterprise commerce platforms and has access to an extensive team of developers, designers and architects, as well as many high-profile references.

“The pressure to digitalise was already high before the crisis,” says Yevgeny Karalnik, Senior Platform Manager Commerce Cloud at adesso. “Now it’s increasing even further. More and more people are currently growing accustomed to shopping digitally. That intensifies competition for customer experience that is fuelled by generally high expectations among consumers, especially when it comes to a shopping experience that they find appealing – the new normal, so to speak. Manufacturers and brands are therefore well advised to build and expand their digital channels, especially during the crisis.”

Fast Launch for online shops is part of a comprehensive crisis portfolio that is adesso’s way of helping companies to navigate the current extraordinary circumstances and their economic consequences. The portfolio includes solutions for remote working, automating customer communication or maintaining IT operations.

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