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IT modernisation

Implementation of business processes and IT consolidation

Systeme vereinheitloichen - Pflege und Wartung optimieren

Over the years, a broad range of different IT structures have emerged for the implementation of various administrative processes. It is becoming increasingly expensive and laborious to maintain these structures. IT consolidation brings with it the need and thus also the opportunity to harmonise the number of systems and processes.

Migrating applications and data l Developing administrative processes l Migrating applications and data l Application security

Migrating applications and data

There are numerous systems in public administration that were developed using – from today’s perspective – outdated technologies. These legacy systems map the core tasks of public administration and have a high political visibility.

adesso helps public-sector customers to migrate their existing systems with the highest possible degree of budget certainty, while at the same time maintaining the technical core implementation. adesso has years of experience carrying out system replacements and offers certified products for system modernisation projects:

  • adesso transformer is able to automatically transform programming languages, such as COBOL, into Java code. This allows us to save the specialist knowledge in the legacy systems and enable our customers to continue developing it using modern technologies.
  • MIGSuite is a system designed for complex data migrations that is certified by auditors according to the IDW PS 880 standard. With it the data and databases from outdated system landscapes can be migrated to modern environments on schedule and on budget in an audit-proof manner.

In addition to this, adesso has years of experience in modernising legacy applications, from upgrading outdated technology stacks to the latest version to migration from one technology to another, such as from JEE to Spring. Based on the specific requirements of the project, migration also includes the refactoring and editing of components.

Developing administrative processes

Administrative processes offer support for day-to-day administrative tasks. These tasks are complex and specific to the relevant departments, which means they can only be carried out efficiently by using digital systems.

For many years, adesso has been developing administrative systems for clients at all levels within public authorities. Professional project managers and perfected procedure models facilitate the implementation of these complex projects. We support you with every phase of your projects – including the requirement specification and the design, development, testing and rollout stages – to ensure that they are successful. Our project managers, who have the crucial skills for the task, can make sure that even large, complex projects are implemented successfully.

Migrating applications and data

Governmental administrative processes have usually evolved and been subjected to constant adaptations over the years. This is often detrimental to their stability and traceability, which in turn affects their long-term viability.

Some of these applications require improvements regarding their operating efficiency.

Our experts migrate these applications to a target architecture that best suits the requirements/applications. There are various different migration scenarios for this process. Our experts also have extensive project experience, so they can ensure that the process of migrating to the new architecture is efficient. The source architecture is less important in this process because our expertise includes working with mainframe, Microsoft and Java environments.

Application security

Application security is an elementary topic for adesso, which has gained importance not least due to the European legislation on data protection (GDPR / DSGVO). In this context, we offer solutions from a single source that do justice to this importance and meet the technical and legal requirements.

Our certified security experts develop your specialist applications taking into account possible risks as well as legal requirements and standards - such as BSI basic protection. We pursue a comprehensive and secure software development process, starting with a threat and requirements analysis.

The relevant measures are tested for design and source code weaknesses during and after implementation. The verification is performed with the help of tools, manual controls and - if necessary - internal or external penetration tests. Our experts accompany you during the go live of the software and coordinate already identified infrastructure measures - such as hardening an operating system or setting up additional firewall rules - with the operator.

adesso Security Services - Our solutions for tomorrow’s IT

The protection of mission-critical data and information is a key business objective. It requires a company to be aware of the criticality of its data and information and the risks involved. Only once this has been established can a company respond appropriately and initiate suitable proactive and reactive measures. This requires a comprehensive approach and the right balance between technology, organisation and people.

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