An intelligent new approach to automation

Turbocharge your processes with intelligent automation

Reimagine processes

A whole new world of automation

Automation has been an important issue for companies since the very start. And the automation revolution is far from over. That’s because intelligent automation lets you automate processes that you couldn’t before – from customer service operations to managing communication campaigns.

The approach combines methods and technologies to automatically execute operations and procedures intelligently. Its goal is to create automatic end-to-end business processes that are capable of learning, “thinking” and adapting with minimal human intervention.

Intelligent automation means more

  • Motivation: enable your staff to focus on more challenging tasks
  • Productivity: make room for greater value creation
  • Reliability: put your company in a position to offer services 24/7
  • Precision: get the right results and make the right decisions on the first try
  • Flexibility: scale up your processes automatically to balance out peak demand
  • Security: audit-ready records help you adhere to your compliance policies

The study

So that you can have your say, we talk to hundreds of responsible people

We talked to the decision-makers who work with AI applications in companies. In general, about their attitudes, expectations and plans. But also specifically about Intelligent Automation: Where do they see the advantages? How far along is their organisation? In this dossier, we present the key results of our survey of 500 decision-makers. You can find excerpts here:

Chance 65 % AI is a great opportunity for companies

Efficiency 58 % Intelligent automation initiatives lead to more efficient processes

No know-how 44 % The biggest hurdle on the way to more automated processes is the lack of AI expertise in the company

The dossier

Your compact introduction to the topic

If you want to get an impression of the possibilities that Intelligent Automation opens up, our dossier "Automation intelligently thought through" is the right source of information for you. Find out:

  • What potential Intelligent Automation opens up
  • What use cases look like
  • How to structure your Intelligent Automation projects
  • Which technologies form the basis
  • How we work with you to set up and implement trustworthy AI projects
  • How far other companies are in their plannin

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Our AI topics at a glance

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Find out how AI can support you in your work, what potential lies behind the technology and which topics concern those responsible.

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Do you have any questions?

Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human discussion

Are you wondering what possibilities AI can open up in your company? Would you like to learn more about its applications and the technology? We cannot give you a pack full of stock responses, but we can share with you our specialist knowledge, our curiosity about your company and our passion for technology.

We would be delighted to talk to you.


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