Virtual Reality for insurance companies

New learning environments for insurers

Virtual assistants provide training support for consultation sessions

Get to know LISA

Virtual reality allows you to create a realistic environment that enables your employees – with the help of our virtual assistant LISA – to simulate consultation sessions and to train them beyond the classroom (blended learning). Thanks to her AI expertise in acoustics, linguistics and lexical semantics, LISA can understand human language, speak with a human voice and express herself with emotions using facial expressions and gestures.

We have trained LISA, who already has specialist knowledge in the insurance industry in terms of consultation sessions, which she expands with each training session. She helps learners practice their communication skills and demonstrate their knowledge about the insurance industry. LISA provides direct feedback on the consultations held and therefore helps in the transfer of practical knowledge.

Virtual Assistant Lisa

 Virtual Reality Assistent LISA

What we can offer you

In the course of a workshop, your requirements for the consultations will be determined. This includes the virtual reality scene as well as the technical content. We bring our experience to the table and design the technical implementation together with you. You receive a platform that enables you to simulate different consultation situations independently. Changes and extensions can be introduced quickly and flexibly by your trainers.

Learners will be able to learn whenever, wherever and as often as they want.

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