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The next generation of BiPRO

The source code is now the standard

BiPRO interfaces have the reputation of being complex and too openly defined. The data model has grown strongly over the years to meet the ever-changing requirements as well as new requirements that are constantly being added. This discourages companies that only want to use individual aspects of a BiPRO release in particular. If a model then needs to be extended via a change request, challenges arise such as long release cycles and the associated waiting times for the consideration of the respective request.

The new RNext standard generation combines current technologies with a new domain step, enabling a shorter time-to-market in the future. This not only accelerates the development of interfaces at individual companies, but also the digitalisation of the entire industry.
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A new release generation

RNext uses a REST-based API architecture, making it cloud-ready and interoperable. REST interfaces can now be used by any device, are stateless and use the HTTP protocol. The first prototypical developments have already been implemented in the two digitalisation projects – claims and portfolio processes. This also creates new data models and structures.

The domain-driven design approach enables appropriately defined models for the intended use, which are provided by a REST API. This domain step reduces the effort that was previously required to implement total releases, accelerating the development and overall digitalisation of the industry. The aim is to simplify the extensive professional and technical development of interfaces.

The interpretation of the standard documents from RClassic thus gives way to an API description that will define the standard in the future: the source code. This is made possible by a consistent intersection of data models along domains – such as claims or portfolio process – and by using the latest technologies and frameworks established in software development. These standardised modules can be obtained and used directly from BiPRO and make integration much easier than in the past.

What we can offer you

adesso provides the technical and professional expertise in the analysis, evaluation and implementation of the new standard and supports you in the development of your BiPRO strategy without losing sight of the existing RClassic standard generation. We support you in all phases of your BiPRO implementation, from the analysis of the current situation to the connection of potential sales partners.

An overview of your benefits

  • Simplified provision of BiPRO interfaces
  • Better integration of future BiPRO interfaces into modern IT landscapes
  • Support in the implementation of new BiPRO domains through employees working in a professional or technical role
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Do you have any questions?

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