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Administration of the identity of insured persons

Increase customer satisfaction with appropriate customer identity and access management

CIAM is a central component of a digital customer relationship

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) refers to the creation and central administration of online identities of customers within the framework of digital customer interfaces (portals). Insurance companies have been faced with the challenge of creating and managing their customers’ online identities in order to improve the digital customer relationship. A central CIAM integrated into the application landscape can make a valuable contribution here. There are also regulatory aspects that speak in favour of dealing with CIAM as an insurer.

  • Digital product contracts for personal insurance policies (term life insurance, for example) require identification due to the German Money Laundering Act.
  • Since 2019, access to financial products must be secured with strong authentication (two-factor authentication). CIAM can support both of these aspects.

In general, the topic of CIAM is divided into two components:

1. In the end, the identity describes a customer account that is qualified by a unique identification.

2. Authentication, on the other hand, describes the registration of such an account in the insurer's system (for example, a two-factor authentication, a single sign-on or a social login).

Find the right approach for your company

adesso can support you in all phases of the CIAM implementation.

Within the scope of an inventory analysis, the current handling of digital identities as well as the registration processes for digital offers in your insurance company are examined. In addition, open points and potential for improvement are identified in joint interdisciplinary workshops. Upon completion of an inventory analysis of this sort, we provide you with a CIAM requirements catalogue that can be used for further tenders.

In the past, CIAM was mainly developed in-house. However, due to increased regulatory requirements and more digitalised companies, a standardised CIAM solution is often the better alternative. On the basis of the CIAM requirements catalogue, we will work with you to create a make-or-buy decision template.

If you decide to use a standard solution, we will support you in selecting a suitable provider on the market based on our experience and your individual needs. This applies to both complete CIAM solutions and individual elements – such as the identification procedure and the appropriate providers.

Solutions for IAM already exist in a heterogeneous IT landscape. However, CIAM solutions have special user experience requirements and directly support customer satisfaction. In addition to the expansion of the existing IAM infrastructure to include aspects of CIAM, there is also the possibility of integrating specialised providers who take care of the security of the solution and the usability requirements. For the integration of the solutions into the current system landscape, we rely on established and open standards – such as OAuth2, SAML2 and JSON Web Token. Minimally invasive integration is also possible with the use of modern patterns such as API gateways. We support you in this with a system architecture that is tailored to your current application landscape and with the actual integration into your systems.

What we can offer you

In all phases of CIAM evaluation and implementation, we do not limit ourselves to the topic of CIAM, but keep the overall picture in mind. Take advantage of our long-standing experience with the comprehensive implementation and extension of insurance portals and digital customer interfaces. adesso is your partner in the evaluation of your current and future CIAM strategy.

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