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You can smoothly implement your plans for digitally transforming your internal processes by using Microsoft tools and drawing on our experts’ experience. We provide solutions based on SharePoint and Office365 to help you create a work environment in which ideas flow as smoothly as information. You need an atmosphere in which your employees work together efficiently, share their knowledge, learn from one another and are creative together – which will allow them to develop improvements, best practices and new ideas for your company in an agile way.


A modern intranet is an important tool for creating a digital workplace. When it is used correctly to enhance productivity, it helps your employees network with one another. It allows individuals to feel that they are being valued and taken seriously – and motivates them to repay this with motivation and loyalty. In this way, the digital workplace fosters a culture of collaboration and creativity.

It provides users with benefits such as access to:

  • All project-relevant information
  • Important information about colleagues and experts
  • Tools for knowledge management

The digital workplace is based on technologies with which your employees are already familiar from using apps and social media in their private lives:

  • Facebook-esque employee profiles
  • Short messaging service similar to Twitter
  • Skype-style video chats

Since the IT is set up in a familiar way, users are quicker to accept the new collaboration tools included in the digital workplace.


When you use the digital workplace strategically, you connect your employees more closely with the company. This is because employees at modern workplaces expect to be able to provide their suggestions at all times, and that their opinions will be incorporated more transparently into decision-making processes.

Successfully carrying out a digital transformation at your organisation requires

  • Employees collaborating in an agile way.
  • Communication not breaking down beyond departmental bounds.
  • Project-related teams being quickly available.

Our solution for overseeing the change process helps to secure all of this. When everything has been correctly coordinated, you can properly adjust the technology in keeping with new workflows and structures. That means you no longer have to worry about good ideas failing in the face of rigid processes.

A modern intranet is an important tool for creating a digital workplace. When it is used correctly to enhance productivity, it helps your employees network with one another.


We build off of Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, Skype for Business and Yammer to create high-performance, integrated digital workplaces for you.

Our services begin long before technical implementation, and extend far beyond it as well. Our experts provide you with comprehensive consultation in advance on designing your digital workplace, support you in developing governance guidelines and implement change management that both Generation Y and older employees will accept. Following implementation, we support your digital workplace, upon request, with managed services, a user help desk and continuous optimisation.

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Use Office 365 and SharePoint as a strategic platform. We support you through a specially designed workshop to find the strategic entry into the "Digital Workplace" and to identify the potential benefits of Office 365 and SharePoint.

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