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GenAI in the energy industry

A quick start with the Generative AI Quick Check

The energy industry has been in a state of flux for decades. Technology and digitalisation have always played an important role in the energy transition. But with the advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), the issue has taken on a new dimension. GenAI is causing profound changes and will have a significant impact on the future of the energy sector. GenAI applications are particularly transformative for utilities and municipal services, increasing efficiency, optimising operations and driving innovation.

From municipal utilities to energy companies, energy market players need to understand GenAI today to ensure their success tomorrow. But how do you get started with this new technology? What are the opportunities and limitations of GenAI? And which use cases will be most beneficial for your company? The adesso GenAI Quick Check provides answers to these questions.

GenAI quick check for utilities

The GenAI Quick Check is a simple and low-threshold introduction to GenAI for energy companies. Using the multi-dimensional maturity model, players in all market roles can quickly determine their current level of GenAI.

GenAI Quick Check

Our offer

Based on our Generative AI Quick Check, adesso offers a suitable in-depth programme for every level of maturity.

The ideal introduction: a shared understanding of GenAI is created in the Interaction Room format. The status quo is determined and the (Gen)AI-relevant challenges are evaluated. The aim is to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the future with professional experience and technological expertise.

Intelligent language models are becoming increasingly powerful and offer a wide range of possibilities for supporting or fully automating activities in companies. This training course will enable you to make optimal use of language models for your business. In addition to the basics, such as operation by prompting, the course will also cover topics such as risks, regulation, system integration and end-to-end applications.

To ensure your direct and long-term success with GenAI, we will work with you in the Interaction Room to determine your current position and reflect on your situation. Based on an evaluation of your level of maturity in six dimensions, we will identify areas for action and develop a roadmap for your next steps.

The complexity and variety of potential application areas in the context of genAI pose significant challenges for the development and evaluation of promising genAI use cases. A lightweight, unified and multi-level use case framework effectively addresses these challenges. Through methodological and structured approaches, it promotes resource efficiency by optimising the use of personnel, time and budget. Using defined genAI-sensitive evaluation and prioritisation metrics, the framework focuses on the most valuable and feasible use cases, while cross-departmental collaboration and early employee involvement increase transparency, understanding and buy-in.

Das adesso GenAI Factory Framework ermöglicht durch zentrale Ressourcen und bewährte Methoden eine beschleunigte und standardisierte Entwicklung von (Gen)AI-Modellen. Der Fokus liegt dabei auf Effizienz, Wiederverwendbarkeit von Komponenten und der Sicherstellung einer schnellen Time-to-Market bei gleichzeitiger Stärkung von Kollaboration, Governance und Sicherheit.

GenAI-Ops (Generative Artificial Intelligence Operations) aims to optimise and manage the entire life cycle of (Gen)AI applications. This ensures the long-term manageability, scalability, collaboration and efficiency of AI projects. A decisive factor in the rapid development of generative artificial intelligence.

Our GenAI use cases in the energy industry

Sales and customer service

GenAI provides automated responses to customer enquiries and personalised recommendations based on information from your company's systems. This increases efficiency and relieves the burden on your customer service. Workflows are optimised, while at the same time enabling a consistent customer experience.

Network Operators

GenAI can better realise the potential of predictive maintenance by making more accurate predictions about the condition of equipment, allowing potential failures to be detected earlier. GenAI enables comprehensive analysis of operational and sensor data to predict the optimal time for maintenance and optimise the use of resources. In addition, GenAI can support the execution of maintenance tasks with tailored instructions and real-time data. This provides a new way of interacting with knowledge, as it is possible to interact directly with the content provided, improving transparency, performance and efficiency.

Energy trading

GenAI models can perform data-specific and comprehensive analysis of electricity prices to enable optimised trading strategies, more efficient day-to-day operations and more accurate price forecasting. To simulate complex scenarios, GenAI can generate synthetic training data from patterns of historical price data and use it to create accurate models for predicting future price movements. This synthetic training data enables realistic and versatile modelling of different market conditions and scenarios, resulting in more accurate price predictions.


For suppliers, the ability to forecast their customers' consumption is crucial in many respects. GenAI can provide support by sending the so-called schedules to the balancing group coordinator on a daily basis, who then provides the required energy to the respective supplier in the corresponding networks. In practice, many suppliers use the balancing results of the network operators for this forecast. An AI-based approach makes sense here in order to achieve more accurate forecasts and thus orders.

Meter operators

GenAI can be used to perform targeted plausibility checks on the meter readings recorded by identifying deviations in the data that could indicate errors or tampering. In addition, GenAI can help meter operators to verify compliance with instructions for smart meter installations by monitoring the installations based on guidelines and best practices and identifying potential anomalies. These features enable meter operators to ensure the integrity and accuracy of their data while also ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

Power producers

GenAI enables precise adjustment of plant configurations and offers continuous fine-tuning of machine settings based on real-time data. This optimisation leads to improved operational performance and more efficient use of resources. In addition to minimising downtime and increasing plant availability, the automatic restart function after faults further supports operational efficiency by responding quickly to problems and ensuring smooth operation. These features enable GenAI to make a significant contribution to increasing the productivity and profitability of the plants.

Our GenAI project at RWE

Next level power plant maintenance with artificial intelligence

The maintenance of the RWE power plant Pembroke in the UK is a complex task in which many components must work together perfectly. adesso developed dashboards based on Power BI that visualise all information and forecasts on the influencing factors. The use of AI technologies optimises the maintenance process at several levels.

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