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Promoting sustainability and decarbonisation

Identifying and using the potential for efficiency and productivity

The sustainable energy industry of tomorrow

Decentralising energy generation, integrating renewable energies into the energy system, decarbonising corporate business activities, developing a sustainability strategy, creating corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, automating business processes along the value chain and establishing complex cooperation networks are all challenges faced by a sustainable and climate-neutral energy industry of tomorrow.

Take advantage of these challenges and work together with us to assert yourself in the market by identifying and exploiting the potential for efficiency and productivity.

We provide the following services to support you:

  • Strategic consultancy for implementing company-wide CO₂ reduction targets and developing new business models for the energy industry.
  • Visualisation of the current situation as well as future tasks via IT-supported data models and software solutions
  • Concrete solutions for energy and CO₂ management at both corporate and community level.
  • Consolidation and structuring of data using data-driven business models, for example, on digital platforms based on your individual business orientation

#1 Energy and CO₂ management

Sustainability is an issue that’s taking on an important role in more and more areas of the economy. Energy and CO₂ management is especially unavoidable in the property sector. Around 40 per cent of all emissions are related to the property industry. The goal of the German federal government is a 65 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 and a 100 per cent reduction by 2045. This puts the industry under pressure.

The effects of the energy transition have already been felt in the property industry for several years now. Existing buildings are being renovated to increase energy efficiency, and renewable energy systems are already being integrated into new buildings. None of these measures are going unnoticed by tenants. They now increasingly want to be able to visualise and track energy data to see what impact their new fridge or new TV have on energy consumption.

This requires a platform that enables operators of existing and/or new buildings to report their energy and CO₂ data in real time and make it available to tenants and employees via an app, homepage and customer portal.


ZeroC - Our software-as-a-service solution for the energy and CO2 management of buildings and neighbourhoods

Initial situation and typical challenges

The property industry is responsible for over 40 per cent of CO₂ emissions in Germany. Our vision is a more sustainable property industry that meets the German government’s climate targets. We believe that every building can be emission-neutral.

There are already a number of regulatory foundations these days that force companies and building operators to operate more sustainably – for example, the German Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz, GEG) or ESG standards (environmental, social and governance). A large number of other laws will come into force in the next few years. We want to prepare you for this and make you a pioneer for the environment and sustainability starting today.

Our services:

  • Comprehensible visualisations of your energy and emissions data
  • Automated AI modelling of your property using Digital Twin
  • Step by step – by simulating renovations for increasing energy efficiency, we provide you a clear path for meeting your emission targets
  • Legal compliance – meet regulations and reporting requirements in no time
  • CO₂ balance in accordance with ISO 14064 (for property operators)
  • Making it easy – energy consultancy and reporting with a single click saves time, money and nerves
  • Evaluation of climate protection goals and degrees of achievement
  • Software-as-a-Service solution for the energy and CO₂ management of buildings and districts

A selection of our testimonials

WISTA Management GmbH (WISTA)

WISTA Management GmbH (WISTA) wants to use our new CO₂ and energy management software ZeroC for three sites at once. After successfully implementing a pilot project for integrating environmental data, the focus has shifted to CO₂ and energy management. In addition, the plan is to create visualisations for the energy flows and create simulations for optimisation measures. The Berlin-Dahlem and Berlin-Marzahn sites, along with the Adlershof site, will also be equipped with the solution – fully in line with the zero emissions strategy!


Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH

Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH is planning to set up an IoT platform and integrate energy systems into the city quarter. Within the scope of the project, data transparency via visualisation and energy forecasts plays an equally important role as ensuring increased energy autocracy and CO₂ reduction.

Logo Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH

#2 E-mobility and the future of electric charging

The energy transition and its implementation are frequently discussed topics. But hardly anyone considers the fact that the transport sector is responsible for about 25 per cent of all emissions.

The energy transition in the transport sector cannot therefore be accomplished without alternative drive systems, and, as a result, electromobility has developed into a new, digital field of business. The gradual integration of e-mobility in the energy and transport sectors will make it possible to use e-mobility across sectors. Smart e-mobility solutions in the corporate sector are just as crucial to success as scalable interfaces are for future, IT-based energy systems.

Whether you provide a charging infrastructure for your employees or business customers, your guests or your visitors, partnering with us gives you the opportunity to implement customised electric mobility concepts that are tailored to customers’ needs. We think in terms of e-mobility from the very beginning, ensure the transfer of knowledge and examine or evaluate for you how the respective e-mobility solutions can be implemented technologically and effectively.

Initial situation and typical challenges

The electromobility market is in a state of constant flux and continuous development. More and more stakeholders find themselves in the market, and each of them brings along different requirements. This makes complexity a constant factor in the electromobility sector. And new and changing regulations as well as international standards are also forces to be reckoned with.

Whether in the role of CPO or EMSP, service in the electromobility sector entails numerous challenges. By partnering with adesso, you will create an unforgettable, nationwide and hassle-free charging option for your customers and design the necessary IT landscape in the process.

Our product and consultancy-based approach for your smart e-mobility solution:

  • Technology road mapping and development planning for network and market solutions
  • Integrating and expanding IT systems and connecting external services
  • Introducing IT systems for mobility management and charging station management
  • Strategic consultancy for the integration of e-mobility and the development of needs-based operator models
  • Development of mobility concepts for real estate, properties and districts.

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