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Using challenges as opportunities

Players in the energy industry are almost continuously confronted with the challenge of having to adapt to new regulatory requirements. From adapting message formats in market communication to fulfilling the installation requirements of new communication technology, to dealing with major political upheavals, such as the phasing out of energy sources, the energy industry’s ecosystem is largely influenced by regulatory frameworks.

adesso supports your company in identifying regulatory requirements, analysing impacts and opportunities and implementing solutions. You can often go beyond simply just implementing mandatory requirements and generate actual added value.

Adapting market communications – requirements engineering and implementing systems

The energy industry has been dealing with ongoing adjustments to market communications for many years now, and these adjustments will most likely continue to lead to ad-hoc tasks in future. adesso combines its expertise in the energy industry with its IT knowledge and is therefore able to utilise professional requirements engineering to record and understand requirements and implement them in systems.

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