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SAP BTP – one platform for everything

Connect cloud solutions, optimise your processes and increase the agility of your business

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is an indispensable solution for companies in the energy industry that are currently preparing for the migration to SAP S/4HANA or have already embarked on the migration process.

Problems often arise during migration, as some programs cannot be migrated with it. Also relevant: some features that users knew from the old version are missing in S/4HANA due to the ‘clean core’ strategy. This is where SAP BTP comes into play. It offers open interfaces as an extension platform for S/4HANA and enables end-to-end integration into your existing system landscape.

This ensures a smooth migration process and continuous operation, while companies benefit from the advantages of the latest SAP technologies. SAP BTP gives companies in the energy industry the tools they need to succeed with all the changes taking place in the energy sector.

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP BTP is a central component of SAP’s strategy to help companies implement an easy-to-maintain S/4HANA clean core and ensure seamless integration and cloud capability. Companies can leverage SAP BTP to fully integrate their system landscape, connect to SAP Cloud solutions such as SuccessFactors and Ariba and enable business users to perform data analysis and modelling in a self-service fashion.

In addition, there is the SAP Build Work Zone, which serves as a central workplace solution and offers employees access to tools and information. By using the extensive predefined content, companies can increase efficiency and shorten time-to-value.

Your benefits with the SAP Business Technology Platform

  • Seamless connection of SAP Cloud solutions
  • Deployment of add-ons from SAP or developed by partners
  • Self-service for data analysis and modelling
  • Leverage Build Work Zone as a central workplace
  • Accelerate your projects with predefined content
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Flexibility and autonomy for professional users
  • Simple operation due to modern GUI

With adesso, you have a strong partner at your side

You, as a long-standing SAP partner, can benefit from our extensive experience and expertise. adesso is active as a focus partner in the Diamond initiative from SAP, in particular in the utilities sector, and has in-depth industry knowledge.

adesso is a highly qualified partner – one that can provide you with tailor-made solutions and support you in the digitalisation of your business thanks to over 25 years of experience in development and a pool of more than 2,500 Java developers throughout Germany. Our subsidiary adesso orange is the SAP powerhouse of the adesso Group, and its experts provide additional support in SAP projects with in-depth technical expertise.

You are still not sure how to best use the SAP Business Technology Platform for your company? We will explain the basic structure and operation of the BTP as well as the core applications (extensions, GUIs, analytics) and show possible use cases in our SAP BTP Discovery workshop.

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