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Discover new horizons and overcome creative boundaries! Businesses can automatically generate unique content such as images, text and designs with Google Cloud’s powerful algorithms and models. This opens up completely new possibilities and allows the analysis of complex relationships in a wide variety of scenarios.

But where in particular can generative AI be used in companies? What are efficient use cases? And how can you get started quickly?

We have recognised the growing importance of generative AI for companies and support you in using it successfully. As trusted testers, adesso specialists have early access to the latest technologies and applications. We offer you tailor-made offers and guide you through the jungle of possibilities. Here is how your company can realise the full potential of generative AI in Google Cloud.

Is there just a lot of hype surrounding big language models?

Smart technology such as GPT, PaLM and Google Bard has undoubtedly gained popularity in a short time. In addition to the general enthusiasm, there is also enormous potential for your business success. Take advantage of large language models to stand out from the competition and gain a competitive edge. Find out now how you can use our solutions to optimise your business.

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From generating text to images creation

Generating content and recognising relationships

Google Cloud uses Google’s PaLM 2 model to generate text. The language model was trained to understand texts, recognise connections and generate new content from them – a feat that goes beyond just copying and reproducing. The algorithm understands the user’s input and responds in a targeted way with a unique result. Market leader Vertex AI offers a variety of solutions to instantly benefit from high-quality text classification, generation, translation and much more.

Images are created using various generative image models. These are trained to understand the connection between text and image content and to produce realistic images. In both cases, the user is free to determine the degree of flexibility and creativity that the model uses. PaLM for Images is not yet available; however, there have already been previews of it.

Understanding context

Capturing complexity using ‘common sense’

Today’s generative models are capable of capturing complex relationships. Images or text content is analysed in context with each other and no longer viewed in complete isolation. Google’s large image and language models have learned a general representation of many contexts and are thus attaining the beginnings of a ‘common sense’ thanks to very elaborate and time-consuming training.

For example, a PaLM 2 model interprets the input text ‘The picture shows a dog sitting on a bench [= German ‘Bank’: ‘a seat for two or more people’ or ‘a financial institution’] as the former, not the latter meaning.

Generative AI at use

  • GenAI text

    Filter complex data, generate new content and publish information for greater visibility

    What do the insurance documents look like regarding the pandemic? Are there any risks here that we have yet to uncover? What is the sentiment on Twitter about our brand? Leverage the processing power of PaLM 2 in Vertex AI for text for generating summaries or answering open questions, for example. Content from internal company documents or the intranet can also be made more accessible, complex data filtered or new content generated. Get in touch now

  • GenAI Image

    Targeted product placement with automated generation and analysis

    Google’s PaLM 2 model enables the fusion of image and text processing, while unlocking numerous innovative applications. For example, an app generates suitable suggestions for recipes by just viewing pictures of food. The new gravel bike is presented differently to the tech-savvy target group than to the nature enthusiasts. Automated image analyses are used to generate precise descriptions or suggestions for action as well as target group-specific product placement. Get in touch now

  • GenAI language

    Manual learning of dialogue sequences no longer necessary

    The new generation of voice assistants no longer needs to be trained individually for each question. The generative AI app uses intranet pages, documents and other sources of information to learn the context for searching and understanding users’ queries. This enables the bot to give relevant and precise answers without having to define manual flows for dialogues. Get in touch now

Let's start - What challenge are you facing?

Contract screening

adesso has developed an application for screening documents. The search and analysis function makes it possible to quickly find questionable inclusion/exclusion criteria in documents with more than 100 pages, as well as to identify risks based on current topics (climate, politics, world events).

Internet screening

It is indispensable to analyse the environment in order to be able to position your company in a highly competitive market. adesso has developed an application that takes over this research automatically since this research can sometimes be very time-consuming. There is an insights engine at its core. The cloud-native data platform filters using NLP-based search technologies from publicly accessible sources and prepares them in a way that makes them clear.

Marketing automation that is user-centric

An AI application generates individual marketing texts for website users and potential customers. They are generated on the basis of page activity, preferences and demographic characteristics and sent out automatically. A colour scheme and image concept can also be taken into account as part of the specific company’s corporate identity.

Sprint review distiller and meeting preparer

The information distiller can extract and prepare the most important information from sprint reviews. In addition, automated sprint documentation can be created from tickets and user stories. It is also possible to use a generative AI app to automatically analyse e-mail histories on critical topics and to summarise relevant documents and websites.

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Generative AI is used in a wide range of sectors and industries. We are here to provide you with support in using this new technology productively and efficiently.

Learn the essential basics of the technology in various workshops and broaden your knowledge through demonstrations and hands-on sessions with Google Cloud. We will work together with you to define initial use cases and offer a proof of concept.

The different workshops can be booked individually or as a package.

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