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Out of the basements of large technology companies and into businesses and organisations of all kinds. Generative AI achieves what many innovations have failed to do: reach the masses.

The potential of Generative AI (GenAI) opens up completely new possibilities and offers enormous advantages for modern business. New business models, cost and resource savings make companies more competitive. With the latest tools and technologies from Google Cloud, such as Vertex AI and Gemini, organisations are laying the foundation for a future-proof IT landscape.

adesso is your partner

adesso is your partner for GenAI in the Google Cloud. Together, we create optimal use cases and thus increase efficiency in your company.

Corporate GPT

From the final offer to the current travel policy, any information found at the company can be requested using simple chats. In other words, you do not search for documents; you communicate with them.

Software development

Shorter development times and higher quality: GenAI is there to assist your development teams.

Hyperpersonalisation in customer communication

Personalised communication is possible with thousands of customers at one time. It is targeted not at one specific group, rather it addresses one particular person.

Service task automation

Day or night, GenAI can offer your customers immediate support with whatever topic may interest them.

GenAI Use Cases

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Support for marketing and sales

Whether you are talking about texts or images, GenAI can lend a hand to your marketing or sales team when they are creating communication material.

GenAI Knowledge Agent

The knowledge agent and process companion for your content. GenAI Knowledge Agent solutions make it possible to curate fragmented knowledge sources using a semantic search function. This makes knowledge available precisely and transparently.

GenAI Document Processing

Intelligent document processing solutions work as supporting or fully automated process companions. The extraction of relevant information from documents enables the automated processing and analysis of large volumes of information.

Data-based next-best-action decisions

GenAI enables public messages to be analysed in real time. These analyses form the basis for a targeted customer approach and customer development.

Generative AI on Google Cloud

Understanding context and learning common sense

Generative AI on the Google Cloud is a breakthrough technology that can analyse and understand images and text to generate meaningful content. This technology uses two main components: Context Understanding and Common Sense.

Context understanding enables generative AI to recognise the meaning of information in a given situation. It uses a variety of techniques, including multimodal processing through Vertex AI and semantic analysis. This means that images and text are analysed together and the meaning of words and phrases is interpreted in context.

Common sense, in turn, helps generative AI to fill in information gaps and draw plausible conclusions. This common sense is acquired through self-directed learning from large amounts of data and through transfer learning from other domains. Users can also support the learning process with interactive feedback.

The interplay of contextual understanding and common sense enables GenAI to understand complex relationships and generate meaningful content. This technology can be used in many areas, including image and text creation, translation, customer service and task automation.

We are confident that Generative AI on Google Cloud will change the way we interact with information.

Use Cases

Implemented for our customers

From the idea to implementation and operation to further development - when will we talk about your GenAI project?

Automatic detection of manufacturing defects and anomalies along the food line using multimodal AI models.

By simultaneously processing image and text data, the Gen-AI model enables accurate defect detection, offering greater accuracy and efficiency than purely visual models. In addition to quality control, other applications for multimodal AI models include preventive maintenance, process optimisation and safety detection.

Customised chat assistant makes it easier to answer customer queries

The chat tool creates a better understanding of contracts and an easier delineation of topics and services. Generative AI can understand user input in natural language and generate an appropriate response with a source reference. The data base includes company documents in various formats, information from FAQs and product pages, as well as the intranet.

Creative and customised texts with corporate branding

By entering various keywords and post requirements (such as creativity, length of post or formality score), the application generates customised copy for a wide range of platforms. The application also draws on specific company knowledge and incorporates this into the texts as required.

Identifying locations from media reports for local reporting and regional chatbots

Readers want to know what is going on in their region. The media agency's portal site generates geolocated locations and displays content tailored to the readership.

Questions can also be asked about regional events. A generative chatbot provides relevant articles.

Market and environmental analysis for a volatile market

In order to be able to position oneself in a highly competitive market, an environmental analysis is indispensable. As this research can sometimes be very time-consuming, adesso has developed an application that automates this research. The core of this application is the Insights Engine. The cloud-native data platform uses NLP-based search technologies to filter data from publicly accessible sources and makes it available in processed form.

Your quick start with adesso

Utilise the potential of Generative AI for your company. adesso is your partner for the successful use of innovative Google Cloud technologies.

  • Customised offers: We support you in selecting the right tools and technologies for your individual requirements.
  • Holistic approach: We guide you through the entire process of introducing, implementing and utilising Generative AI.
  • Easy introduction via workshops: Learn the essential basics of the technology in various workshops and deepen your knowledge in demos and hands-on sessions in the Google Cloud. Together we define initial use cases and offer a proof of concept.
  • Google Cloud Premier Partner and Trusted Tester: adesso has early access to the latest technologies and applications. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to our customers.


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