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Technical and methodological advice

Amprion GmbH


Amprion GmbH wanted to optimise its tasks as a transmission network operator, particularly those related to network model data storage and network planning. This would impact both its existing work processes and its plans for network expansion in line with upcoming regulations affecting network infrastructure.


The core services comprised technical and methodological consultation relating to processes and requirements in the field of network data management for asset planning as well as workshop moderation and project support.

Throughout the course of the project, the technical and methodological consultation services played a central role.

The following topics were addressed:

  • Strategic, technical and methodological consultation on processes and requirements directly related to network model management
  • Optimisation of the network data repository to include a multi-user database and versioning to promote collaborative work
  • Use of IEC-standardised network model data from ENTSO-E (CIM and CGMES) for importing and exporting network data
  • Development of a unified basis for data and models that can be used to compare existing models, methods and procedures and verify and evaluate the results of the analyses
  • Evaluation of conventional analytical models and processes for network technology using network calculation and network modelling tools from PowerFactory
  • Formulation of basic modelling requirements and quality assurance processes

Agile working processes and methods were integrated to help complete the project objectives. These tools included agile and traditional project management processes such as Scrum and the Interaction Room (IR), as well as a range of collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Miro, and project management and documentation tools, for example Microsoft Azure DevOps, Microsoft SharePoint and Camunda.

Following completion of the project, existing network analytical processes now work together smoothly and a unified basis for data and models is currently in development. In addition, intensive testing is being carried out on the use of a multi-user database as a shared work platform for promoting collaboration.

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Amprion GmbH is a german transmission network operator that operates an 11,000-kilometre-long high-voltage transmission network in Germany.

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