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Comment: What makes employers really attractive

Employees who put their heart and soul into their work and feel comfortable in their working environment are significantly more productive and ensure greater customer satisfaction. This is impressively proven by numerous studies. However, not all companies take this into account, which has a negative impact on the fight for highly qualified talent, especially in view of the much-cited shortage of skilled workers. The younger generation in particular, which is now conquering the job market, has changed demands and needs that companies are feeling. What now distinguishes a top employer apart from classic criteria such as salary, bonuses and retirement provisions?


adesso crowned Germany’s Best Employer in the ITC sector

For the third time already, the IT service provider adesso has taken first place in the Great Place to Work® competition, as Germany’s Best Employer (Deutschlands Bester Arbeitgeber) in the ITC sector (size category: more than 1,000 employees). In February, adesso won the cross-sector competition, beating the 840 participating companies from all industries and of all sizes, making it the proud holder of the title Germany’s Best Employer (Deutschlands Bester Arbeitgeber) in the size category 2,001 to 5,000 employees.


Commentary: Encouraging and supporting women needs to be a top priority

The shortage of skilled personnel is becoming the biggest obstacle to dig-italisation. While women could be part of the solution, few are choosing a career in IT. Dirk Pothen, a member of the Executive Board at the IT ser-vice provider adesso, says companies need to lead the way in order to in-crease the proportion of women in the industry. In his opinion, encourag-ing and supporting women needs to be a top priority.


adesso supplies T-Online portal with finance data

adesso to implement a new data back-end for the finance section by the middle of the year. Ströer Digital Publishing GmbH, the operator of, has commissioned the IT service provider to enable real-time link-up of stock market information using cutting-edge data interfaces.


adesso takes 1st place in the Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber 2020 (Germany’s Best Employers 2020) competition in the category 2001 to 5000 employees

adesso is pleased about its victory in the Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber 2020 (Germany’s Best Employers 2020) competition, run by Great Place to Work® Institute, which was announced last night at an award ceremony in Berlin. For the first time since taking part, the IT service provider was able to take first place in the overall, cross-sector competition.


adesso SE: Sales and EBITDA forecasts for 2019 are expected to be exceeded after a good final quarter

After a good final quarter with larger license revenues with the in|sure product suite and, a noticeably increasing utilisation in the IT-service business of the parent company adesso SE, and in particular, a higher than expected consolidation effect from IFRS 16, the full-year forecast for the operating result EBITDA (EUR 40 million to EUR 45 million) is expected to be exceeded.


adesso heads up 5Gain research project for intelligent urban energy management

Rethinking Germany’s energy supply infrastructure is a key part of the planned energy revolution. Brand-new ICT solutions are required to facilitate the use of renewable energies. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has recently launched the 5Gain research project under the stewardship of IT service provider adesso. The collaborative project evaluates and develops innovative IT concepts for generating and consuming energy in “smart cities”.


More transparency for antibiotic resistance research

Antibiotic resistance is on the rise around the world. The inappropriate use of antibiotics has resulted in more and more drugs becoming ineffective. A consequence of this is the subsequent unhindered spread of infectious diseases. This is a serious threat to world health and is the subject of research in various projects around the globe. adesso has been engaged by the Global AMR R&D Hub to develop an IT platform that will provide an overview of the key research activities around the world.


adesso supports Fiducia & GAD IT AG with bot development

The BOTTO digital assistant now provides active support in the service business of Fiducia & GAD IT AG. To ensure innovative development in the banking sector, the IT service provider for Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken sought reinforcement from its industry colleague adesso. In a project, a service assistant was developed that automatically provide bankers with information about their banking business in accordance with their individual needs.


One step closer to digitalisation – a kit that enables museums to develop their own mobile applications

With fabulAPP – Kit for digital storytelling in museums, the Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern (regional office for non-governmental museums in Bavaria) supports museums in developing their eCulture. The focus is on individual digital applications for mobile devices – such as audio and multimedia guides, e-learning or games applications for museum visitors. Just under 60 museums in Bavaria now use this free product for advanced training in the field of digitalisation and the realisation and operation of a sustainable app. The press conference will introduce fabulAPP and present certain application examples.

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