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adesso and Surecomp join forces to provide trade finance solutions for banks and businesses

The full-service IT provider adesso and the leading trade finance solution provider Surecomp have agreed to start working together to help financial institutions and corporates streamline their trade finance processing. Complementing each other’s offerings by pooling their expertise in digital transformation, banks and businesses will benefit from consulting and IT services and award-winning trade finance solutions respectively, delivered by specialists who understand the needs and challenges of the various market segments inside and out.

With a broad international footprint, Surecomp has been an industry pioneer in the field of global trade finance solutions for banks and businesses for more than 35 years. It offers an innovative and continually updated portfolio of digital platforms that rationalise trade finance transaction lifecycles to improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and drive forward growth. The company’s DOKA-NG solution is the standard back-office system used by many banks for their documentary trade business. Seamlessly integrated for end-to-end process automation, its collaborative trade finance platform RIVO is primarily targeted at banks’ corporate clients, which are often multinationals, to support their supply chain and treasury operations.

Stephan Mecking, Head of the Line of Business Banking, agreed the partnership with Surecomp on behalf of adesso. He believes the solutions offered by the international software company are essential for anyone who wants to offer or use specific payment and financing instruments in foreign trade: “As a system integrator, we always choose the technology that best meets our customers’ objectives. We know that DOKA-NG and RIVO deliver a comprehensive and virtually unparalleled of functions that can be tailored to fit into our customers’ system environments.”

Stephan Mecking, Head of the Line of Business Banking, agreed the partnership with Surecomp on behalf of adesso. (Copyright: adesso)

Surecomp’s solution suite offers end-to-end trade finance services for various foreign trade stakeholders and tasks. While DOKA-NG has been developed and enhanced over many years to be cloud-based or deployed on premise, the new web-based RIVO platform builds on this experience and is designed to centralise and digitalise communication and collaboration between businesses and banks throughout the trade finance ecosystem in order to optimise supply chains.

“It’s about ease, speed, transparency and control,” says Enno-Burghard Weitzel, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Digitisation and Business Development at Surecomp. “To optimise their trading activities, businesses need to make their finance application processes as simple and rationalised as possible in order to obtain same-day guarantees. This ideally includes an ESG-compliant, paperless process in which the guarantor’s text is approved in advance and the details are agreed with the beneficiary.”

Enno-Burghard Weitzel, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Digitisation and Business Devel-opment at Surecomp. (Copyright: Surecomp)

As a result, Surecomp’s solutions perfectly complement adesso’s mission to drive the lasting digital transformation of key business processes. Companies in the automotive segment, logistics sector, heavy industry and financial services all need trade finance services that are as standardised and rationalised as possible. The way to reduce the complexity of these services is to fully integrate them into a company’s processes and systems, rather than have them stand alone. This requires compatibility with individual company systems as well as with standard systems such as SAP and Salesforce.

The collaboration with adesso, a system integrator, makes it possible to take these industry requirements into account when integrating Surecomp products. “adesso and Surecomp have more than 50 years’ combined experience in the IT market,” Mecking says. “Over the years, adesso has expanded its IT consulting and integration expertise, while Surecomp has continuously optimised the quality of its solutions and tailored them to meet the ever-changing landscape of global trade. Together, we can help our customers’ digitally transform their foreign trade operations even faster, while delivering solutions that fit their needs even better than before.”

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