adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering opens its doors at the XU Exponential University in Potsdam

6. October 2020

adesso has announced its partnership with the private XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam: The first “adesso XU cohort” began their bachelor’s degree at the new adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering yesterday. The first-year students joining the course in the winter semester 2020/21 include two female students receiving the She for IT scholarship. She for IT scholarships form a pillar of the programme of measures adesso has developed to raise involvement of women in IT professions as part of the She for IT initiative.

adesso’s university partnerships underline the company’s commitment to promoting a forward-looking, holistic approach to training the next generation of IT talent. By founding the adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering, adesso intends to set an example. The link-up with XU Exponential University offers adesso the chance to actively shape university education and have a say in the orientation of the curriculum for future software developers. Students at the adesso School can be sure that they will learn about relevant, future-oriented top-ics for the digital elite of the future. Prof. Dr Stefanie Fiege, Academic Director at XU Exponen-tial University, describes the motivation and ambitions of the institute: “At XU we are radically rethinking the education of tomorrow. Today’s students need a new and revolutionary form of education and study that inspires and challenges them and puts them in a position to mould our digital transformation. For thought leaders and pioneers of our future who will support the innovative drive of our economy.”

The English-language bachelor degree course focuses on coding with web and app develop-ment, software engineering focusing on agile approaches, IT and innovation management skills, with subsequent specialisation in topics such as usability engineering, artificial intelli-gence, data warehouse, mobile and digital management, consulting and business manage-ment possible. Semesters abroad and internships, as well as practical projects, coding camps, excursions and hackathons round out the innovative degree course.

At the new adesso office in the Babelsberg district of Potsdam next to the university, adesso School students can obtain insights into the company’s complex projects with working student contracts. “Here students have the chance to gain practical experience in real-life customer projects right from their first semester – including interesting career opportunities once the de-gree has been completed,” says Christoph Hecht, head of the new adesso office in Potsdam and also a lecturer in software engineering at the adesso School.

Dilem Kaya (left) and Miriam Geukes are happy about their She for IT scholarship at the new adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering in Potsdam.

The pair of She for IT scholarship recipients at the adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering, whose tuition fees for the bachelor’s degree are financed in full by the IT service provider, already know what the next steps in their careers will be. XU Exponential University and adesso selected two prospective female students from a host of candidates who could qualify for the scholarship through their motivation, performance and references but also their personality. Miriam Geukes (19) and Dilem Kaya (23) will be beginning their bachelor’s pro-gramme at the start of the winter semester 2020/21 and will be looking forward to the support and mentoring provided by adesso as a partner in scholarly and practical matters.

Start of the winter semester 2020/21 at the XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam

For those interested in the course, the next cohort of students will be starting their first semester at the adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering at XU Exponential University next year. Further information:

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