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More time for customer retention thanks to digitally supported processes

Customer service is more than it appears

When companies think of customer service, they usually think of a call centre that solves problems quickly and efficiently. We suggest thinking of service as a function that is so important to your business that it involves the customer at every stage of their journey, from initial contact to purchase, to after-sales support and, ideally, upselling/cross-selling.

Be it hotlines, chat support, help desks or social networks, customers are getting more and more used to top service on all channels – often even before making a purchase, in the form of good advice. To meet these demands, companies need an end-to-end service platform in the cloud. This is because good service must always be available across channels and at any time.

Good customer service creates positive associations

Customer service is at the heart of your work. But it is not always clear how to properly provide it, or how to make it something special. We help you to purposely create a first-class service experience in your company – because companies with loyal customers increase their turnover two and a half times faster than other companies in their industry. (Source: Harvard Business Review, January 2020)

Our customer service consulting offer

Service strategy

Digital maturity check to analyse the digital maturity of your customer services and/or omnichannel management in customer services to implement effective and efficient service channels.

Service efficiency

Recommendations for optimising your technology stack to increase your return on investment (ROI) in service and after-sales.

360-degree customer view

Advice on your 360-degree customer view and NBA as well as on data-based routing in customer services.

Sales tech: which technology?

Recommendations on customer portals, chat and voicebot solutions, dark processing automation and seamlessly integrating field services.

Customer journey and service processes

Adaptation of service processes on the basis of customer journeys.

KPIs and metrics

Advice on developing and introducing KPIs, dashboards and reports in your controlling department.

Health check

Our offer for you

What is the maturity level of your company, in which areas is there a need for optimisation and how can we support you in this? We would be happy to conduct a health check with you. Feel free to contact us about the following topics at any time:

  • Customer service assessment
  • Field service management
  • CRM: implementing SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft

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Omnichannel management

Customers want access to customer services to be quick and as easy as possible. With omnichannel management, we provide you support for strategic and customer-oriented alignment as well as the orchestration of your contact channels and help you implement the multichannel approach in CRM and contact centre technologies.

Proactive customer service, chatbots and automation through RPA

Easily resolving complex and highly emotional enquiries increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. So that your employees can focus on the cases that are difficult and highly important, we develop a proactive customer service model and automate your customer services and contact centre with chatbots for handling enquiries, RPA for back-end processing and AI for providing proactive suggestions for next-best actions.

CRM and integrated customer service

You can only achieve long-term, excellent customer satisfaction if you provide a professional service. An operational CRM allows extensive and context-related data to be retrieved, which means that your service teams can react quickly and flexibly to enquiries and requests.

Depending on the company and industry, CRM platform providers emphasise different aspects when it comes to customer service. Drawing on our expertise in the areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, SAP Service Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, we work with you to select the best CRM platform for your business to provide a seamless customer experience. We link your services with your marketing and sales activities so that you can create a consistent customer experience from start to finish.

Are you interested in use cases and our examples of best practice?

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A selection of our references

Learn more about our projects and get an inside look into how we work.

Top-level performance as part of the partner network

At adesso, you get technological expertise paired with professional industry expertise. Our work is based on pronounced customer orientation. We work together with a large number of renowned partners to meet this commitment each and every day.

Usher in a new era of service with AI

The change in our understanding of products has meant that customer service must also be reassessed and reinterpreted. It is no longer merely a place where customers can complain; customer service is your customer’s friend and acts as the interface between customers and products or brand experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a digital butler here and ensure the quality of this brand experience. That being said, branding alone no longer determines a product’s value, as the quality of the customer experience is becoming considerably more relevant.

The transformation of the brand experience and customer service presents both opportunities and challenges for the use of AI:

  • The requirements of customers who expect to be able to interact quickly and smoothly with the service.
  • The technical implementation, which must be carried out in such a way that all requirements are met and the quality of service – including the product experience – is actually improved.

The use of what is known as ‘weak AI’ already makes it possible for customers to contact a service provider or producer via a messaging app or social media in the form of a chatbot. Expert systems, which work optionally with speech or text recognition, allow artificial intelligence to classify content.

Our experts support you in setting up service structures across channels. Benefit from our technical proficiency as well as from our cross-sector expertise.

Simply closer

Our solution for your service management

Our experts provide everything your company needs to deliver an excellent service – from automated interaction and community support to highly complex customer service. Benefit from multi-channel ticketing, real-time analytics for your marketing as well as resource planning and ERP integration features.

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