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Expansion of the Service Cloud for 1st level support

Bruker AXS

Initial situation

Bruker AXS faced the challenge of having to scale its 1st level support, as well, due to significant growth. This meant more specifically that new staff needed to be trained more quickly and existing processes optimised. In addition, a basis should be created to leverage further potential for improvement in the future using the data on the processed cases.

Approach and solution

It was decided that the Service Cloud would be extended to 1st level support as Bruker AXS was already using the Service Cloud for its internal case management, in addition to the Sales Cloud for its opportunity and lead management.

All existing document-based guidelines for recording, classifying and resolving customer requests were replaced and integrated directly into Salesforce as a digitally managed assessment as part of the project with adesso.

Salesforce guides 1st level support employees through the assessment when they accept a customer request. Every answer from the customer leads to the next best question to directly solve the customer’s issue. If this is not possible, the data is structured and collected in such a complete way that further processing can take place without interruption.

As part of Bruker Corporation, Bruker AXS develops and manufactures instruments for structural and elemental analysis in materials research, life science and quality control.

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Integration of the digitally guided assessment in Salesforce shortens the training time for new employees. As the entire assessment is now centrally managed in Salesforce, updates are directly available and binding for all employees.

In addition, Salesforce allows transparent reporting on issues faced by customer and their processing for the first time. This forms the foundation for further optimisation of the 1st level support and the customer experience.

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