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BSI Customer Suite for your business

adesso assists you with your challenge

Customer relationship management – solved individually and intelligently

adesso is your partner when it comes to successfully implementing your individual BSI Customer Suite solution. Benefit from our consultants’ and developers’ cross-sector expertise and commitment – from strategy consulting to requirements analysis and solution design, all the way to implementation. Even after the roll-out, we are here for you in daily operations beyond the hypercare phase – and that is a promise!

When implementing sales, agency and partner management systems as well as modern omnichannel CRM systems with the BSI Suite, we combine our industry expertise with a platform that has been established on the market for over 25 years. This results in synergies for innovative solutions geared to your challenges that enable personalised customer relationship management and automated processes for an inspiring customer experience.

Why adesso and BSI?

  • Long-standing, successful partnership: more than 80 certified BSI specialists with project experience.
  • Proven project methodologies ensure quality, budget compliance and a high level of solution efficiency.
  • The solution’s extensive configurability, modular design and level of automation enable a quick time-to-market and the ability to dynamically map out your business processes and use cases according to your wishes.
  • Full service: planning, development and operation of the solution. Post-go-live support as a success factor for user acceptance and the consequent efficient handling of the new solution by your employees.

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An overview of our services

In our two-day project set-up workshop, we work with you to develop your target vision (big picture) and how you can optimally map out and implement your marketing, sales and service processes in your BSI solution. In further workshops, we specify your implementation requirements together with you and develop initial use cases..

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  • Digital customer experience

    Fully automated customer experiences

    Work with us to optimise your customers’ experiences across channels, individually, using full automation, in real time and across all touchpoints for an inspiring customer journey. With our industry expertise as well as our experience in the field of customer experience, together we fully automate your use cases in lead and customer management in BSI and increase your sales success. Learn more

  • Digital ecosystem

    Easy integration into digital ecosystems

    We assist you in the integration and interaction with other systems within and outside your company. To overcome this challenge, BSI offers rest services, zero-code interfaces and standard connectors, all of which you can use to create your digital ecosystem. Shape your future with us and drive your platform economy forward. Learn more

  • Intelligent customer service

    Seamless omnichannel approach to intelligent customer service

    Our experts assist you in integrating an omnichannel solution’s BSI Contact Center. The BSI Contact Center covers all disciplines – from enquiries and complaints to telesales, to inbound or outbound calls. Digitalise all your services on all channels and implement self-services (web forms or customer portals) in order to do things such as relieve the workload placed on your agents. Learn more

BSI Customer Suite

Comprehensive and modular ecosystem

From communicating with customers to acquiring them, all the way to cultivating relationships, automated processes facilitate your customer relationship management and help you maximise customer satisfaction.

As a comprehensive and modular ecosystem, the BSI Customer Suite boasts sustainable solution modules:

BSI Customer Suite

BSI Customer Suite

  • Engage: Virtual customer consultancy service and legally compliant electronic signature
  • CX: Marketing, sales and service automation
  • CRM: 360° customer profiles, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful analytics functions based on a zero-code approach
  • Insight: Elaborative and personalised dynamic analytics
  • AI: Simple, modular and configurable AI in a highly intuitive low-code or even no-code environment
  • CDP: Use data points the right way and turn them into profitable customer experiences
  • EIP: For interaction with other ecosystems, realised through zero-code interfaces and standard connectors

BSI solutions for an inspiring customer experience

With BSI's solutions, you can make your internal processes in highly complex sales structures more efficient and improve the customer experience at the same time. Good customer relationships and sales partnerships are the most valuable asset of any company. Together with BSI, adesso enables the intelligent linking of your sales channels with the operational service areas.

Shape your customer relationships digitally and innovatively with us

Raise untapped potential with BSI CRM: Only those who know their customers can bind them in the long term and develop a successful sales strategy.

Increase efficiency by digitising customer relationships

Thanks to intuitive user guidance and powerful analytics functions, you can easily maintain your customer relationships in BSI CRM. With the 360° view, you get an overview of all interactions of a customer and can thus positively influence customer experiences and satisfaction. BSI CRM thus enables a fully comprehensive representation of important and central key data for sales control and customer relationship management.

BSI CRM Dashboard

User-specific and dynamic 360-degree dashboard

Automation through the use of artificial intelligence

Benefit from the recommendations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the areas of marketing, sales and service. AI supports and relieves you at many points in your business processes, e.g. with the help of text recognition and classification, a contact can be created in CRM or e-mails can be automatically assigned to the appropriate team in customer service. With churn detection or lead scoring, you are provided with the appropriate KPIs and thus receive support for important decisions in customer relationship management.

Systematic data analysis as a success factor for new revenue opportunities

The data of the entire interaction history of a customer is bundled centrally and can be accessed by all employees. The central collection of customer data enables systematic data analyses in order to identify new sales opportunities and to ensure needs-based advice. Guided processes for marketing, sales and service benefit from the high degree of automation in BSI CRM. Automated suggestions (Next Best Actions) allow you to optimally exploit your cross-selling or upselling potential.

Integration into any IT landscape and dynamic adaptation to requirements

In addition to our expertise in implementing IT systems, BSI supports you with a zero-code approach, open technology and industry templates with the relevant standard interfaces and integrations that dynamically adapt to the requirements of your industry. Thanks to its modular structure and high configurability, you can easily create individual smart dashboards or ad-hoc reports, for example. Whether private cloud, on-site cloud or on-premise solution - with BSI CRM you can simply change your operating model at any time.

Put your customers and sales partners at the centre with us

Configure individual customer journeys with BSI CX in simple steps using a no-code approach.

Personalised customer lifecycle management makes touchpoints a reality

We help you tell the right story to your customers and sales partners. And to design, execute, optimise and evaluate automated customer journeys across departments. Thanks to trigger-based approaches, you can react in real time and individually to your customer's events and thus create positive customer experiences. In this way, you always maintain an overview of the networked processes of the customer journey and can interact with your customers in a needs-oriented manner.

Deliver the right content to each individual at the right time

With BSI CX, you recognise the wishes of your customers in good time and pick them up on their respective customer journey across all channels. Easily create the right content for all touchpoints with the integrated content management system (CMS) and the connection to CRM data and processes. The content can be created easily and intuitively on the basis of templates and integrated into the customer journeys: from personalised newsletters and emails to landing pages or advisory tools with navigation. Artificial intelligence makes the customer approach more proactive, e.g. by showing the best time to contact the customer.

BSI CX Storyboard

Structured process overview via the storyboard

Achieving higher conversion rates with efficient lead management

We support you in representing the areas of sales and marketing as a single unit. Your generated leads from marketing are scanned in real time, automatically assigned to the right sales channel and played with optimal measures. This ensures that you save valuable resources and generate more sales. This needs-based service increases the satisfaction of your customers.

Optimise your intermediary service and B2B support with us

Achieve more deals and increase your turnover with BSI BRM.

BRM system as a guarantee of success for your partner support

A broker relationship management system, or BRM system for short, is a special CRM system for broker support staff in the insurance industry. With BRM, you always keep an eye on the quality and profitability of your broker base and receive important comprehensive content and customer-based information. Insurance companies with broker sales, broker pools and insurance companies thus gain a competitive edge with 360° views of their brokers or sales staff.

Make sales more efficient

Digitise sales and take advantage of every sales opportunity thanks to a comprehensive overview of how you work with your broker base and sales partners. A BRM solution helps you provide tailored support, increase efficiency and save valuable time. A high level of user-friendliness and strong functionalities ensure that your day-to-day business is once again easy to handle and you thus have more time for what is essential - partner support.

Satisfied sales partners through the digitalisation of sales

A BRM solution is the optimal basis for the digitalisation of sales in the insurance sector. Easily organise seminar and training events on new insurance products. With BSI BRM, you have all information at a glance, such as the mapping of agent status or hierarchy. In addition, the broker's main areas of activity and comparison programmes are stored as well as brokered contracts, requested offers and cancelled contracts.

BSI BRM Cockpitübersicht

Cockpit with information for broker support and commissioning

Concentrate on the essentials with us - customer care, advice and sales

From video consultation to digital signature: With SnapView, you optimise your digital advice and inspire your customers and employees.

Efficient customer service with omnichannel software

With BSI SnapView you are accessible to your customers via all channels: Use video, audio and text chat; share your screen to present solutions and work with drawing pad and highlighter for real pencil selling. Additional screens (e.g. iPad) can be easily integrated via QR scan, e.g. to make better use of consulting apps. Assign customer concerns quickly and easily to virtual teams via inboxes. The processing takes place in the push and pull principle. The visibility of incidents can be easily set for each of your employees.

Administrate and configure your contact centre individually

BSI SnapView gives you a transparent overview of current escalations, first contact resolution and business incident development at any time. You can easily create additional cockpits such as customer satisfaction or data quality of leads (outbound). Identify your optimisation potential with detailed real-time reports and benefit from a fast time-to-market and a customised view of your contact centre.

Service automation to relieve your customer service

Digitise your services on all channels and increase the level of automation to optimise and relieve your contact centre. Above all, customer service will appreciate the uniform view of the customer throughout the company. Both the simple and intuitive usability and the seamless connection with automated processes from sales and marketing optimally support your service staff.

Easily define complex rules - e.g. for automatic segmentation of customers, cleansing of customer data and creation of leads. An AI-supported pre-sorting of emails relieves your customer service. In addition, the contact centre enables you to perform automatic calculations, customer recognition and process assignment using complex text recognition or direct dark processing.

Customer relationship management in the insurance industry

Opportunities for active cross-selling and up-selling – efficient use of digital CRM solutions in the insurance industry
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adesso Customer 360 – the insurance search machine
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