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Virtual power plants

We pool your electricity generation facilities

Creating and leveraging synergies

The solution to the challenges of market integration of decentralised, renewable energy generation plants

As the number of de-centralised, renewable energy generation facilities grows, so does the challenge of integrating them into the market. The virtual power plant gives you the chance to achieve real strategic and economic effects. Your aims might consist of supplying capacity services for smart grids, for instance, or getting involved in energy balancing to increase profits. Optimising generation management can create significant synergies between different facilities.

Virtual power plants are often used to control de-centralised generation facilities, but they are increasingly being used for storage and consumption, too. The aim is to improve the marketing and provision of system services.

Many types of renewable energy facilities suffer from being difficult to plan and control, which limits their competitiveness on the market. Virtual power plants compensate for these downsides through aggregation in a larger generation pool. For example, the individual facilities within a virtual power plant can be controlled so that they feed energy into the grid at times when the overall load is high. This creates potential for revenue when electricity prices are high – particularly on the electricity market.

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Requirements engineering and Interaction Rooms

In Interaction Room: digital, we work on a strategy and business model to pave the way for the future. Our work focuses on the aim to be achieved and how to create added value for customers. We can also examine all of these issues:

  • Building the virtual power plant (e.g., increasing overall efficiency or optional connection of primary and secondary energy-balancing capability)
  • Comparing business models within the virtual power plant sector
  • Approaches to the commercial marketing of virtual power stations (marketing and remuneration approaches)
  • Examining information and control technologies
  • Analysing possible operating and ownership models for virtual power plants

In Interaction Room: scope, we examine a number of areas, including identifying and prioritising the requirements for the future system and recording and analysing the processes required. The resulting plan forms the basis for the choice of software, or for developing it from scratch. If necessary, we can use additional requirements engineering techniques to create a comprehensive specification, or deploy our extensive expertise to optimise your existing processes.

Our analysis allows our experts to start choosing or tendering for standard software, or to choose the right technology and priority requirements for developing your own from scratch. Choosing software that fits your business model and your processes is absolutely critical.

Selected references

Get to know a selection of our projects in which we have supported companies in the energy industry in the area of virtual power plants.

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