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Standardising IT services and ITSM processes

Stadtwerke München GmbH


SWM’s central IT services provider operates an ISO/IEC 20000-certified IT service management system. Several decentralised service providers work with a wide range of different internal procedures with no common framework of processes and tools. This lack of clarity sometimes leads to competitive mind-sets and conflicts.

As a first step, mandatory rules were laid down in an IT&C manual. These rules apply to SWM-wide collaborations between the central IT, decentralised IT, IT&C management and other departments. Following on from this, consistent IT&C roles and processes as well as models for collaboration were defined. The decentralised IT service desks were combined with the central IT service provider.


Services are now provided on the basis of identical SWM-wide IT&C processes based on internally consistent tool environments. The IT services provided and the relevant IT&C roles are now transparent. The IT&C services are now provided faster and more efficiently, and the need to escalate issues up the hierarchal ladder has been reduced.

Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM) is one of the largest German municipal utilities and service providers. SWM supplies electricity, natural gas, district heating and drinking water and operates local public transport services, swimming baths in Munich and telecommunication services.

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