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Strategic IT repositioning



IT and human resources are considered to be two of the key success factors for the future alignment of the NEW Group. In order to respond to this challenge, it was necessary to refine the strategic framework for the main IT department and design an organisational structure based on the strategic framework.

Developing the strategic IT framework involved collating the overarching strategic cornerstones for NEW and defining the resulting strategic tasks for IT. It also involved developing an IT governance model for NEW.

To implement the design of the target IT organisation, a two-step approach was used. In the first step, NEW's strategic tasks were used as the basis from which to establish the design criteria for the IT organisation. In the subsequent step, the current IT service portfolio was used as the basis for modelling the target organisation.


adesso was able to draw on its experience in the methodical development of IT strategies, organisational structures and process organisations, as well as its wide-ranging industry expertise gained from more than 400 successfully implemented projects in the energy industry.

Description of the key thematic areas:

  • Cornerstones of the corporate strategy
  • Contribution of IT to the corporate strategy
  • Establishing IT governance
  • Organisational design, potential analysis
  • Planning of measures and implementation

NEW AG is a municipal utility company in Germany's Lower Rhine region with approximately 2,000 employees. NEW AG focuses on regional, innovative energy and water supply. Its services include regional local transport, as well as operating indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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